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Most memorable shot

Curtis M

Another FJ post I saw and thought would be interesting to hear about from others on this site.   But what is your most memorable shot other than a hole in one?

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  1. Mike C

    Last year, I was playing as a guest at a friend's course I had never played before.  One of the holes is a blind dogleg left par four downhill to a heavily bunkered green which was about 330 yards on the scorecard.  If you cut the corner and go up over the trees, it is about a 280 yard straight line shot to the middle of the green and maybe 260 to the front of the green.  I was advised that there is a small landing area in front of the green and that "if you hit it just right, it could roll down on the green."  Little did I know that the "small" landing area was about 10 yards wide when I launched my hybrid up over the trees to cut the corner.  The other guys playing with me (who were all members at the course) just laughed after I hit the ball and exclaimed "sucker".

    As we approached the green I did not see the ball anywhere in the landing area... but low and behold, it was actually overhanging the edge of the cup... on a par four!  Needless to say, it was a kick-in eagle but I always think of that shot and how close it came to a hole-in-one on a par four!  It was so close that I had to snap a picture at the time so, each time I tell the story, I can show how close the shot was!  Close, but no cigar!  Maybe next time.  this is the kind of shots that keeps us oming back.

  2. Eric R

    Albatross on a tricky par 5 dogleg right. Dunked my second shot right into the cup and tore a nice chunk of out the green. 

  3. Lou G

    I would say the 325 yard drive I hit with a wooden 3 wood in 1973 or so.

    Next was the first eagle putt ever,.  Drove the green on a short par 4 2 years ago but, unfortunately 3 putted.

    Third one was a 20 yard over the bunker shot in late 2011 that holed out for birdie.

  4. V. M. JOHNSON

    Mine was about a month ago. My first shot landed on the left side of the fairway, in thick rough about 125 yards out  to a slightly uphill green. There was a tree line in my way with tree limbs 12 feet from the ground. I decided to go for since I was hitting my irons well this day. Not to mention the other reason... my golfer buddies call me Bubba Watson. LOL So I pulled out my AP710 PW and to make a long story short, I hit a 12 yard fade that went about 8 feet high, hit 10 yards short of the green right in the fairway and landed 6 feet from the pin... BIRDIE!!!

  5. eboos

    Drove the first green at Blackstone National last fall. 346 yards making it the longest drive I ever hit on a course. My overall longest was on a simulator.

  6. ToddL

    St. Patrick's Day back in 1991 - The Pointe at Tapatio Cliffs in Phoenix, AZ - Par 3, 148 yard hole.  Hit my Titleist (DT I believe, but cannot say for 100% as it was over 22 years ago) about 5 yards past the flag, it spun back and dropped in the hole! 

  7. SD_Golfer

    I thought about this for a long time ... it is impossible to pick one.   When I first started playing golf, there were so many shots that kept me coming back, even now, there are incredible putts, bunker shots, chip ins ... heck, even short putts for a bird that use the entire hole are memorable ... I guess that's why I love the game, sure you have some not so great shots, but you still remember them :)

  8. Mitch O

    I can narrow it down to my top 2!

    First, was a long par-5 at Desert Mountain Geronimo course where I hit a good drive that hopped directly off a Rock yardage marker in the middle of the fairway and rolled off into the desert leaving the ball unplayable.  I proceeded to take a drop at my point of entry and holed out my 3-wood from about 260.  Quite the way to make an eagle!

    Secondly, I was playing at Sutton Bay out in SD, it was my first time playing the new 9-holes that had been built, since then they have completed the whole 18.  (If you know of Sutton Bay, they were forced to rebuild the golf course because of erosion in the rolling hills layout.)  Anyway, I was in the middle of the fairway with about 140 into the green, I hit a PW and the ball flew about 40 feet over the pin and caught a large slope and proceeded to roll back for about 90 seconds until it eventually dropped in the hole for an eagle 2!

    Many good memories and I look forward to making many more!

  9. Mark B

    A 67 foot putt on a rough wide and rolling green, I was just hoping to get close to save par, it was one of those putts that feels like it should be in slow motion, wow it hit the cup dead center, birdie, sweet!

  10. Caleb J

    I was playing a short 150 par 3. It is a blind shot because you can't see the green from the tee box due to a hill. I hit a solid shot and it ended up being a couple of feet from the hole.

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