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Club tester

Tyler C

Hi, I was thinking about a very important subject. I know you guys send people clubs and balls to test, but I could bet that they are all adults. I don't think it's accurate data because there are so many teen golfers in the world and our opinion counts. I think that you guys should pick some of us teens in the world to test some of you equipment so it's not just adults.

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  1. Cole

    I actually think this is a very good idea. Plus I know all of my friends who golf are very completive on who has the nicest clubs, bags balls etc, and if Titleist had teens test clubs/balls then it seems like it would lead to more sales because of my friends seeing them. I recently bought a Titleist F and a H and the first round I used them all of my friends wanted to try them out. In fact my cousin ended up buying the same Titleist woods because he loved using mine so much and of course, every teenager loves the name Titleist in their bag. Just a thought.


  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi,  We do use junior golfers as testers here at our Oceanside facility.  There is no age requirement, just speed and handicap

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