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Hot feet & Bugs.


This is a two part questions/discussion.


First, does anyone have any suggestions on golf shoes for summer? Meaning, cool, comfortable shoes, that still warrant appropriate traction. I am currently in FJ tour's and they are a GREAT shoe. However, in the dog-days of summer. My feet are just absolutely on fire. I know it doesn't help that they are black. But there has to be another solution. I have tried the M-Projects on, they feel great but the non-spike bottoms, scare me a bit. As in, will I still receive good traction? even in the rough? And, if I play a lot will I just wear the treads down? Any suggestions are welcome.


Second, again with heat rising. the bugs are becoming much more prevalent. Any tips on keeping these nasty critters away from you while playing. Without completely dousing yourself in deet and smelling like you just came off a camping adventure? Specifically the gnats and mosquitos that seemingly always buzz in or around your ears during your swing!


Looking forward to your ideas!

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  1. Tim Tiger

    All of the spikeless FJ's have great traction.  I would not worry about that.  I play alot in my Contour Casuals and XPS 1's and have no issues with hot feet.  DJT's are about the only FJ shoe that I do not wear but I do not have any issues in the Oklahoma heat and humidity.

    I use Golferskin for a sun blocker, and usually am not bothered to much by bugs. 


  2. Frank J

    Try wetting your socks just damp keeps feet cool!

  3. Hotsauce


    You might want to think about your socks.  FJ makes a merino wool sock.  I know the last thing you'd think about is a wool sock in the summer, but they actually regulate heat wonderfully.  Give them a try.  I wear nothing but Icons and they work for me.  You might want to look into the M Projects by FJ as well.  They seem to be light and comfortable, but I have yet to try them out.

    As for bugs, usually do the deet.  Hopefully someone can chyme in here...

  4. bigearnucsd

    Try the M project with spikes.  i've been using them for few months and it's comfortable, light, cool, and good traction.  i also i like it on the green where you can kind of feel the slope when you walk your putting line.

  5. Jim A

    Here is my best advice for bugs.


    To keep the gnats away, use Absorbing Jr., as crazy as that sounds, it works.  You may have to re-apply it during an 18 hole round.  I apply it under the bill of me cap or visor, and on the back of my neck.

    As for those pesky mosquitoes, anything with DEET, the higher the percentage of DEET, the better it works.  

  6. Chris S

    Bugs- I normally use a vanilla spray I get at bed bath & beyond which I am out of so I dont have its name. Since running out of that I have been using Repel Natural Deet-free which also has a vanilla scent to it and has been working good too.

     Chris S

  7. Todd T

    Try the Bug Away wipe, they're light and work.

  8. Christopher T

    While I love my FJ Sports, I got another pair of shoes for summer, and they are wonderful.  I use the FJ socks when I wear them, and my feet are cool and fresh the whole round.  And they are very light, at around 7.2oz per shoe, so they feel like nothng at all.  As for keeping Bugs off, you will have to experiment, cause some bugs like deet and others hate it.  I use bullfrog spray with a little deet and it works just fine.  Hope you find some comfy shoes.

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