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vurich Club Champion

Friday, July 19th, was the 200th day of the year.

I completed my 200th round of the year.

Then played 36 more holes that day!

Thanks Team Titleist.  Best brand in the world!

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  1. AJAR

    Congrats vurich,

    hit em straight!

  2. Skylar T

    Thats a lot of golf!!!  Didn't you ever get rained out a day?

  3. Thomas C

    I am officially jealous!  My dang job keeps getting in the way of my golf habit.  Obviously you have your priorities straight!

  4. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    That is amazing! We would love to hear more about this journey and you can definitely count me in the group of jealous golfers.

  5. vurich

    Hi, Mike!

    Thanks for the reply.  I was inspired after my tour fitting in Oceanside last November.  It was the most amazing experience.  I practiced every day and eventually won my club championship in April.  The world record for most rounds in a year is 606.  I'm a little behind that this year but may tackle the record next year.  Last year I logged in over 400 rounds.  I love golf and I love Titleist products.  Getting ready to head out to the course now.  Best to you!


  6. vurich

    Hi Thomas!

    Make at least one part of your day about golf.  Even if it's just hitting putts on your carpet when you wake up.  Swing your clubs at lunch.  And try and get to the course after work if only to hit a few balls.  You'd be amazed what it does for your health.  Golf is great medicine!  Along with laughter!  Keep at it, buddy!


  7. vurich

    Thanks so much AJAR!

    Same to you!


  8. vurich

    Sure, Skylar!

    Rain, sleet, wind, heat, cold.  Almost every element except snow.

    I live in Arizona so I'm fairly fortunate.

    I put on my FJ rain suit and power through.

    Hope you're doing well.

    Keep at it and play, play, play!


  9. vurich


    I also put all my stats on Team Titleist "MY GAME" area.

    Every stroke, chip, put, ect.

    I love that site to keep track of my game and my progress.

    It's an awesome feature.

    Thanks again!


  10. Jim A



    Very happy and proud of your goals, dedication and feats of endurance.  Living in AZ and playing in the summer heat would be the biggest challenge.  However, like most of the rest, I am somewhat jealous.  I live in MN and am on the same pace to play 100 rounds this year.  I too love this game and Titleist.  I do not have the complete set such as you, but They are still the best and keep getting better.  Good luck with your golf game and keep pushing for that record.  I would love to see you break it. 



  11. vurich

    Hey, Jim!

    Thanks so much, buddy!  And the same to you!  Keep me posted on your progress.  This year we've had to deal with humidity along with the heat, but it's all great!  A day on the golf course beats doing anything else.  Keep up the great work and thanks for your kind words and encouragement!


  12. Christian G

    Amazing.  I'm jealous as well.  What's your low round of the 200 days?  What's your favorite course so far?

  13. vurich

    Hey Christian!

    lowest was 69 in regular play from tips. 72 in tournament play. Quintero is the best course in Arizona. If you ever have a chance, it's a real treat. Played Cypress Pointe and Pebble last summer. Dream come true. Living the dream now. I've survived 51 years with no kids or spouse so I guess that helps!! Ha! Anyway thanks for the reply and keep playing well!!


  14. memphisunited

    Vern - Count me in the jealous category too.  I was going to ask about a wife or kids, but you answered that question.  I love golf as much as anyone, but if I played as much as you, I wouldn't have a wife anymore :)   With work and family, I'm lucky to sneak out a couple of times a week.  Keep living the dream for the rest of us!

  15. Guest U

    Very jealous indeed..I'm an avid golfer from MN and used to be in the 80-100 rounds a year. A wife, a child, and a real job later, I'm lucky to squeak in a round a week. My handicap is higher, but it helps in the few tourneys I acrually play in. Keep on keepin' on for all us, Vern. Keep going low!
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