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Staff Bag replacement panel...

Chris P Club Champion


  I need to see what I can do to get a replacement front panel for my 9.5" staff bag.  It's got a rip and its gradually getting worse.  It didn't bother me until I got caught in the rain a few days ago and the stuff inside got wet.  I spoke to the guys in the Titleist trailer at the John Deere and they told be it should be pretty easy to get a new one for the bag I have since, they think, the new bag takes a different size panel than the one from 2 years ago.

  Let me know who to contact please.



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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, the panels on the retail version of the staff bags are not replaceable. The only bags that had a fully zipped out panel were the ones that we made for our Tour and staff players and they were all customized with their names. 

    Keep in mind, we do provide a limited one-year warranty (from the date of purchase) against defects in materials or workmanship.

    If you think your bag falls into this category, please contact your local authorized retailer where you purchased the item for them to handle the situation.

    Thanks, Chris.



  2. Chris P

    I looked at 3 golf shops yesterday and the front panel on every one of the staff bags they had zips completely off.  I compared the new one to my bag and unfortunately mine is just a bit smaller

     The Titleist website also confirms this information.  Below is copied from the site.


    Multiple pockets including a velour lined valuables pocket and dual accessory pockets behind the billboard panels. Zippered velour-lined accessory pocket. Versatile large entry apparel pocket. Interior also includes added organization features. Zip-off apparel pocket panel for ease in customization. The 10.5" Top-Cuff Staff Bag includes 2 ball pockets. The 9.5" Top-Cuff Staff Bag includes 1 ball pocket. Hidden water bottle pocket.

    Point remains that after contacting customer service and the customization department I have been told what I am looking for doesn't exist and never has, even though I have one and the shop I got it from has 2 more just like it.

    Thank you for the reply.

  3. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry for the confusion here. The zip-off apparel pocket was modified in the latest versions of the staff bags and it is now fully removable. In the past, these pockets were not fully removable.

    However, we don't offer replacement panels as individual components. 

    Again, my apologies for any confusion.



  4. Matt B

    Hi there Mike, was also wondering what Chris had asked. I had my name put on my staff bag (which does have the zip off panel), but it might be nice to have a spare or one without my name if my game isn't what it should be!

    I guess my question is this: is there any reason that you all don't offer this as a stand alone option?  I was able, via my local golf shop, to order another strap for my staff bag with no problem, so it's just a bit odd that you all sell some components of a bag, but not others (not that there are many components to begin with).

    At any rate, thank you for your time.


  5. S

    I am wondering if you get the front panel. I am in same situation. I have stuff bag 9.5 with openable front pocket. I need the other on.
  6. SBull

    Hi guys, I need a replacement strap for my Titleist tour bag, it the one with just the black single strap, and also a replacement rain hood, would love any information on this, or advice on what to do. Thanks Sam.

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