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Custom Putter Cover


Hey TT, Looking to get a custom putter cover for my scotty cameron. I served 8 yrs in the Marines and 2 combat tours in Iraq. I would like to have one designed and made to commerate that time in my life. Any Ideas to have this done? Thanks

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  1. David Browning

    First off, thank you for your service. It means a lot to me. 

    Unfortunately, Scotty doesn't make custom covers for the general public. I've seen a few covers with Military logos on them. However, if you do a search online for "custom putter covers", you'll find more than one place that can make you that special one for you. 

    Keep us UTD with everything. If you get a custom cover, I'd love to see it! Take care.

  2. Todd T

    The minimum order is 36 putter/cover now!
  3. 19hole

    AM&E will let you design your own cover. They will even do quantities of 1!

  4. ddwells34

    Thanks guys for the info. @19hole I called AM&E and the said I have to go through a club. But I did find Delilah at Looks like she does good work, and told me she would email me a proof. Cant wait to see it. Ill post pics as soon as I get it. Thanks again guys.
  5. masamitsu

    I can highly recommend Delilah.  I've had a couple of covers done by her and her work is fabulous!  You won't be disappointed.

  6. SD_Golfer

    My wife likes to crochet, so all my covers are custom made by her ... My driver is our "Puganeze", my 1 Wood is a Walrus my sister bought for me in the 80's (yes, Wally the 1 wood is an actual wood), my 3 wood is a Fox-like cover, my 5 wood is a Bull-dog and my putter cover looks like Snoopy :)

  7. dave p

    I can't offer any advice on custom covers, but I did want to say THANK YOU for your sacrifice and service!

  8. ddwells34

    Thanks dave p, I greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the input everyone. I contacted delilah and was told it will be 12 weeks for a proof. I guess they are really backed up. When I get the proof ill post it on here. Thanks again guys.

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