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2014 Catalog

Andrew A

Has anyone heard, or can Titleist confirm, when the 2014 catalog is expected to be released?  I recall that last it was released on August 23rd so i was hoping to see what Titleist has in store for us this year to look forward to.


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  1. Justinu3

    I was hoping the 2014 would be out too.  :-(

    Really anxious to hear on the hat offering!  

  2. Three-Putt

    Does anyone know when the 2014 accessories will be available?

  3. ToddL

    I have a strong feeling the 714 irons will be leading the way!  Accessories - different story, but would think that color designs on the carry bags (along with some minor modifications) would almost be a must.

  4. Todd T

    Good looking stuff in it!

  5. Chris P

    There are copies floating around on GolfWRX.  Do a search, I'm sure you'll find it.

  6. memphisunited

    Always like checking out the new accessories....especially the hats.

  7. Justinu3

    Found a copy.  Awesome looking stuff!  Finally the adjustable tour hats look like they are coming to retail!  Excited to see the color details on the Cubic Mesh.  It's too pixelated to tell what the "secondary" color is around the script on the front.

    The StaDry hats are sweet as well as the Staff Stand Bag!!!! :-)

  8. AJAR

    I am very impressed by the new bags and StaDry range. Great to know that Titleist keeps improving their products.

  9. Andrew A

    Wanted to pass the link along to everyone.  ENJOY!!!

    I'm all over some new hats/visors next year.

  10. Greg P

    It would be nice to have the Sunday bags in something other than black, black, or black.  Remember that in 2015, pleeeeeease!

    Nice hats.  I particularly like the pigment dyed and performance heather hats.  Some good stuff.

  11. Three-Putt

    When will the 2014 accessories be available for purchase?

  12. Andrew A

    I believe they typically are released in October

  13. Tim Tiger

    Some very nice new items in the 2014 catalog.  Can't wait to get an order in and also see the new irons in person.


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