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Lowest Round

Tyson F

Last Friday August 23, I shot my new personal best round of 69, -3.  I had only broken par a handful of times, all of which were -1 rounds on a couple of different courses.  This was my first time at this course to play, but I had seen the course before by watching my kids play there High School matches there.  Finished the round with 5 birdies and an eagle, to go with 2 bogies and a double bogey.  Made my double on one of the easiest holes by trying to drive the green, only to hit it OB, lol. 

Trusting my Titleist 910 D2 Driver and 710 AP1 Irons, and Vokey 56 Wedge, Thanks Titleist.

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Congrats, Tyson! That's a great round.

  2. john c

    Great round Tyson! I always shoot at least 69 usually by the 15th. I had my best round this year. Shot 76. 36 on the front and 40 on the back with a double and a triple. Threw away a great game by losing my concentration. Fairways and greens!

  3. Andrew A

    I shot my personal best during our club's Memorial Day tournament this year by posting a 35-30 for a 65.  Had a good look on 18 for a putt for 29 on the back nine only to lip out.  I still can't decide if I'm more happy to shoot 65 or disappointed I missed the putt for 29 knowing I may never get that chance again.  You gotta love the far and few between days when your entire game comes together!!!  

  4. Steve H


    Awesome Job....Nothing like the feeling of a personal best.  I love the fact that you had some hiccups along the way...makes it more enjoyable when you have to dig deep for the victory.   Grind, Grind, Grind.  Congrats man!!!!

  5. AJAR

    Congrats Andrew! For a low 80's shooter such as myself I can only envy that score. But I will break 80 soon, I know it. 

  6. Allen L

    Congrats Tyson...  That's an awesome score.  Feels great doesn't it?  Hope you stay in that zone and have more games like that.

  7. Mike C

    Awesome accomplishment Tyson! 

    It's wonderful that you set a personal best low score.  Now you have set a new bar for the next round!  I have shot even par a couple of times but never any numbers in the red.  Dream about getting these someday!

    It's good to see that all of your Titleist equipment is delivering results for you!

  8. SD_Golfer

    Way to go Tyson, I love it when everything comes together to set a new best score.  

  9. Tyson F

    I have new'ish goals, some are ones I've never done, like Hole in One, Hole out on a par 4.  Obviously want to get a new personal best and a bogey free round.  My handicap is the lowest its been, current 4.2 index now.  I challenge myself by playing the back tee's, I play in the Championship Flight of the Club, instead of the A Flight my hdcp would put me.  , So, my biggest goal would be to win the Club Championship.  I've won B Flight twice when I was a higher hdcp, I've gotten into a solid group of guys who all play to an 8.0 or better, 8 of us total.  For anyone who wants to improve, get in with better players and it will happen.  I've dropped about 7 strokes from my hdcp since I've been with this same core group in the last 5 years.  Oh, and actually want to win the Parent / Child Club Tournament with each of my 3 sons, lol.  Makes for a lot of swinging playing with all 3 of them, but it's a fun time, with a lot of trash talk between them.  I'm just the instigator of it.

    Let's see others story of there best and there goals they are trying to achieve.

  10. Clinton M


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