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Thanks Titleist - your clubs helped make me a champion

george t

We recently completed our club championship, and somehow, I found myself on top.  Granted, we're a small club and I know I can't quit my day job, but I'm still in shock, and with a 5.5 index, I'd say no one expected me to win this.  But after a change to an all Titleist bag, I've found myself playing more steady, confident golf.  And while it took me a couple of months to dial it in, my 910H 19* has become my point and shoot club for those tight par 4's and 200+ par 3's.  It's a great feeling to be addressing the ball knowing that all you have to do is put a good swing on it and the consistency of the clubs will deliver the shot where you're aiming.

Titleist, you've developed a fan for life!  Thanks!

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Congrats, George!

    It's always great to read stories like this. Thank YOU for being a part of Team Titleist.

  2. David S

    Thanks, Titleist.....Early in the Spring, I purchased my first new driver in several years and I purchased a new 913D3 with Senior Shaft and with help of our local pro had it weighted and angle set to the face.  Since this change, I have been hitting it longer and straighter than I ever have.  In fact I had the lowest road of my playing time, which has been many years at the age of 67. 

    Also, a a TT member, Thank You for the sleeve of "Test" golf balls and will give them a try this weekend.

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