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Team Titleist Massachusetts - Let's Tee it Up!

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

I figured a new thread would be the best place to get the ball rolling on the local informal "outing" for those of us looking to sneak in a few more rounds before the leaves start to turn.

First step, let's get a potential date discussion going and then we can work on destinations.

Do you all want to target a weekend or a weekday? 

The weeks of Sept. 16th and Sept. 23rd are looking good on my end. 


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  1. Scott H

    Thank you for throwing this out there.

    I would enjoy being a part of the get together.  Would be leaning more toward a Saturday, but willing to explore a weekday.

    Located in south eastern part of the state.  Willing to travel a bit to meet up.  

  2. Steve H

    Dates are awesome, weekends preferred, but weekdays are still good....

  3. kevin f

    Thanks for starting this thread. I hope that we can pull it off.

    Weekends would be preferable for me.

    Sunday, Sept.22, Sat., Sept. 28, or Sunday Sept. 29th are best for me.

    October might start to get a  bit cold but wouldn't be opposed to an October outing too.

    Thanks again,


  4. Mark

    Weekends are good for me but can do weekdays. Lets get the ball rolling


  5. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Let's throw out a couple of options...

    > Wednesday, Sept. 18th around 1pm

    > Sunday, Sept. 22nd early morning or afternoon

    Either of these dates work, and which is better? 

  6. Mark

    Either date works for me, come on TT members.


  7. Brian D

    Mike, thank you for starting the thread.  Sunday morning would be best for me.  Let me know if I can help w any course reservations.


  8. kevin f

    Sunday, September 22 works best for me.

    Morning or afternoon would work. I'm flexible on the Sunday.

    The Wednesday afternoon would be difficult for me that week.

    Thanks again,


  9. Jeff P

    Hey I'm in the seacoast NH region and (if possible) would love to join in. Any possibility of playing in northeastern MA?

  10. mark l

    Both days currently look good for me.

  11. kevin f

    I'd be happy to make the drive to any location.

    I'm down in Mattapoisett, MA.

    Looks like we just might pull this off.


  12. Chris H

    I'd love to play, I'm in CT.

  13. george t

    Wednesday would work better for me - I'm committed to a member-member event on the 22nd.  Where are you thinking of playing?

  14. george t

    I should have added - I'm in if it's the 18th!

  15. Mark

    I'm in but where would we play? What course? Thanks


    " Lets get the ball rolling"

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