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Team Titleist Texas Play Day - Let's Play!

Fred C

Ok, let's see what we can do here to get some play days going. I'm wanting to set up a Dallas/Ft. Worth area TT outing. Who wants to play? What's better - weekday or weekend? What venue would y'all prefer? Something in the Mid-Cities such as Riverside, Texas Star, Tierra Verde or Waterchase come to mind, but let's Get R Done!

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  1. Mike C

    Count me in Fred.  Weekends are generally more flexible, but I can do weekday too if that worksbest for the group.  Once we know who wants to play, we can float a couple of dates out there to see what works.  I lovein Dallas, but anywhere in the metroplex works for me.

  2. Dr. Kovatchian


    I might be in Dallas on the weekend of October 5th...I would be up for an early morning 18 on Sunday...

    I'll have to drive back to Austin afterwords...I'll know more in the next few weeks if i make the trip up to the big D.

    Dr. K

  3. Brandon C

    I currently live in the Houston area but have family in the DFW area and visit often. Pretty much free most of the upcoming weekends and would be willing to drive up. I'll keep my eye on this thread.

  4. Fred C

    Great start y'all - how may would be interested in a "play day" on Sunday, October 5th? I'm betting we could get a deal.

  5. pulplvr

    Can't make it that weekend, Freddy.  Playing in a charity tournament here on Sunday, the 5th.  Keep me in mind.

  6. Dallin H


    I would love to play with y'all, but I can't make it on Oct 5th.  Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays work best for me.  TX star would be a great location.

  7. Mike C

    I'm available in town that weekend if we can get enough members.  Isn't October 5th a Saturday?

  8. mark w

    I would love to play. Typically Mondays are good for me.



  9. Brandon C

    I am not sure October 5th would be the best day for me either. Possibly the weekend after.

  10. Fred C

    Ok - Saturday 10/5 doesn't seem to work. Is anyone available to play on Friday afternoon 10/11 or or Saturday 10/12/13? Personally, the 11th would be excellent, for me.

  11. Mike C

    I can do Friday 10/11 but have a conflict Saturday 10/12.

  12. Fred C

    Ok, if we can get 3 or more TT members to commit to Friday, 10/11 or Saturday`10/12, I'll set up a tee time. Who can play?

  13. pulplvr

    If you have trouble finding 4 for the 11th, let me know by separate e-mail and I'll see if I can come up.  Tee time would have to be late enough for me to get there.

  14. Mike C

    I am in for Friday afternoon 10/11 if that is where the majority ends up.  Can't to Saturday 10/12.

  15. Fred C

    So far, we haven't gotten a lot of response, but 10/11 looks like the date. I'm leaning toward Texas Star, Riverside or Golf Club of Dallas. Still, what might be really cool is Cedar Crest GC in Dallas, site of the 1927 PGA Championship, won by Walter Hagen. Any comments?

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