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Off the tee woes

Mike H

Struggling off the tee. Snap hooks, slice, grounders, pop ups, double cross. You name it. No problem with a 220 yd 3 iron just can't get off the tee. Can't hit a 3 wood off the tee or ground either.

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  1. Nate S

    Haha sounds like fun.  I'm 15 but a 2 handicap so you can believe me when I say that I have gone thorugh everything in 3 years that most golfers struggle with during their entire career.  All I can say is see a coach because unless you have any idea of what your problem is, then you will not find help on TT.  However it could just be bad timing which would mean that you need to practice but otherwise you should find a good coach.

  2. Jeff H

    Hi Mike,

    It sounds like you are swinging with all arms no body rotation. which is causing to be really quick coming back to impact .Without seeing your swing. Try a couple things,  take some tension out your hands, take the club a little more to the inside on the take away and rotate that left shoulder back. With less tension in the hands will help rotate club open on the back swing. With the tension in the hands the club will be shut at the top of the swing. Taking the club more to the inside, will help you get the feeling of swinging the club from inside out,

  3. Todd T

    A lot going on, you need to spend the cash and get with a PGA pro..

  4. Don O

    Agree with Todd you might want some professional help.  You might need to be reift for a long wood (3 or 4 or 5) since most amateurs are not consistent with a 3W.  On the mechanics side, you might be pressing too hard off of the tee.  Try swinging at about 85% of what you normally attempt.  When I swing too hard, my right (LH golfer) arm goes flying, and topping is the most common result.  Solved those mishts with the old hold a sock under your lead arm through contact.

  5. Nate S

    Jeff, I don't see how you could tell he was doing that because he listed just about every variety of shot you can hit off the tee.  That means his swing is inconsistent not necessarily swinging with all arms.  He needs to see a pro who can tell him exactly where the problem lies.  

  6. Lou G

    It is true that he would need to see a pro. I would venture to say that about 99 percent of swing faults are caused by improper setup and trying to swing too hard or too fast - Paul Wilson (of Revolution Golf) stated the reason people slice is they try to hit the ball too hard.

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