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vurich Club Champion

Just completed my 300th round of the year!

5,400 holes!

Still going strong!

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    UNREAL!!! That is awesome. Keep it going!

  2. vurich

    Thanks, Mike!

    My club is now starting to overseed here in Arizona so it will be closed in October, so I'll probably have to move!!!


    I appreciate the well wishes.

    Couldn't do it without my Titleist gear, clubs, balls and accessories!


  3. Chris92009

    Wow! That is fantastic...keep it going!! Any hole-in-one's?


  4. AJAR

    That's a great milestone you've overcome there! Keep pushing on! I'm sure playing different courses now will add to the excitement leading up to the big 365! Greens & Fairways vurich!

  5. vurich

    Hey, Chris!

    Good and great are measured by inches in golf, as you well know.

    I had one 3 years ago, so close so many times, but no aces this year.

    I'm just enjoying the journey.

    Thanks for your reply!


  6. vurich

    Thanks Ajar!

    I've played my course so many times I don't even have to look up as I know approximately where the ball will be.

    As I matter of fact, I've played in almost total darkness and always found my ball!

    Thanks for the wishes!


  7. Parthur

    Vern, that really is incredible. Hoping you can make it to 365. Do you play many different courses, and how many of the 300 were at your home course? Hopefully you are a full member and do not have to pay daily fees; that could get expensive. Has playing that many consecutive rounds lowered your handicap much? Gee, I think I would have been sore by now. Keep up the quest.

  8. Eric B

    Well done, I'll be lucky to play 25 rounds a year.

    On Sep 29, 2013, at 5:39 PM, vurich wrote:

    Team Titleist
    vurich posted 300!!! in General.

    Just completed my 300th round of the year!

    5,400 holes!

    Still going strong!

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  9. vurich

    Hey, Parthur!

    Thanks for the reply.  Scoring goes in streaks.  Peaks and Valleys.  You just have to stay the course.   Literally.  Instead of crying in your beer after 9 or 18 holes.  I play until I can't play.  Until the sprinklers and darkness stop me.  So many people get so angry playing the game of golf.  Which is what it is.  A game.  As kids, we were just happy to play.  Unfortunately, the older people get, they lose that innocence and the joy of just being able to play.  So many people cannot play anymore for a variety of reasons.  I think they would be greatly discouraged by those who have the opportunity to play golf, the greatest sport ever, and have to listen to them complaining and moaning about a poor shot.  One thing I've learned, failure is the stepping stone to success.  If you play enough shots, enough holes, enough golf, you will get better.  That is guaranteed.  Most people give up not because they aren't good enough or don't have the talent, because they are lazy and don't want to take the time this game needs to improve.  The rewards are so amazing.  I have played most rounds on my home course.  I'm very discouraged by the fact that the course will be closed in October as I'm just coming into my stride.  My handicap three years ago was 13-14.  I'm between a 2-3 now.  Thanks again for the support!


  10. AJAR


    I agree verbatim. 

    Just wanted to ask, do you have any special plans for your 365th round?


  11. pulplvr

    Vern.  Did you start the year with a specific goal of playing x number of rounds?  I'm at "only" 175 posted USGA rounds so far this year, and of course that does not include rounds played as four-ball or scramble or other non-countable events.  But then, I only play, usually, one round a day and only four or five days a week. At my age, weekends are for everyone else to play, unless I'm in a tournament.  Keep it going.  Awesome progress on your handicap, by the way.  I've only managed to go from around 11 to as low as 5.x, but it keeps creeping back up if I'm not careful.

  12. Jon B

    Unbelievable!  Hopefully I will be able to achieve a similar feat one of these days!  Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the year!


  13. vurich

    Hey, Jon!

    thanks so much, buddy!

    Hope you, yours and your game are well.

    Look forward to your accomplishments!


  14. vurich

    Hey, pulplvr!

    Thanks for the reply.  Congrats on your progress also.  Don't get caught up in the "handicap" game.  It's just one of many indicators of your progress.  Ball striking.  Stats.  Great saves.  Great shots.  Getting out of trouble.  But really, above all, do you enjoy what you do.

    The joy I have for golf is my primary motivation.  I have a passion for it I don't know how to describe.  

    In answer to your first question, my goal was to play golf.  There were no numbers thought about or preconceived.  To find something you love so much, everything else is gravy.  

    The number of holes I play are just an indicator for my love of the game.  I never stop myself.  Something else has to.

    My body is holding up.  I'll be 52 in December.  I'm having the time of my life.

    Keep up the great work and enjoy the journey!


  15. vurich


    My plans after 365 are probably the same as when I won the club championship.

    Go from 18 to the number one tee and start another round!

    I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate golf than golfing!

    Hope you're well and thanks for the great wishes!


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