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Weird consistency problem

Nick B

Something weird is going on with my game.. I do my normal warmup routine at the range, hit about 30-40 balls then i took out my mb 3 iron.. I flushed it 20shots in a row.. Swings going great about 60balls in now, then i take out the hybrid and snap hook the first one. After that ball.. I couldnt even hit a 6 iron.. Should i stop around 60 balls? Because i have no clue whats going on, and it happend very often.. Almost every range session. I cant seem to miss at first, even an mb 3iron was amazing.. Then hit what seemed to be a brick wall and could not hit anything for the next 50 balls.. Any advice or even a hint to know why this is happening? Thank you for any responses.

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  1. 19hole

    Believe it or not it sounds like you are getting a bit tired. The sudden snap hook may be the result of your lower body not turning through the shot. When this happens the upper body takes over and the result is a snap hook. Make an effort to keep the lower body moving through the shot and this should reduce the chances of the snap hook your are experiencing.

  2. Fred C

    I too would suspect your hips stopped rotating. I also suspect the "snappers" start out very low and left, which tells me you have a swing that is upper body dominant and, as you hit balls, your arms dominate the downswing more, and more while your takeaway becomes longer and longer. May I suggest you work on starting your downswing with the hips more and the arms in more passive fashion? This will create more lag in your downswing and prevent the over-the-top move that creates "snap hooks".

  3. Nick B

    Well its a snap hook to a certain extent.. It starts off great and looks like it hits a tornado and throws it to the left.. My swing is still inside out, but the ball has weird spin and just hooks about 40 yards to a 250yard green with the hybrid.

  4. Chris92009

    One PGA Tour veteran told me earlier this year he hits 62 balls before every competitive round.  That being said, maybe 60 is not too bad but rather as you move up the ladder of clubs getting longer and longer your weaknesses and inconsistencies are more easily shown... JAT

  5. Allen L

    I have no advice but in my case I used to develop all sorts of problems hitting range balls.  And I'd say in my case it was range fatigue setting in.  I have a tendency to hit a slight draw using my game ball (Pro V1), the more range balls I'd hit the more a nasty hook, then a down and to the left snap hook would come about.  When I do go to a range these days its to loosen up and get the golf muscles to wake up.  One shot with each club and then I go to the practice green, I'm about 20 minutes on the range then about 40 minutes or more on the practice green.  To me, hitting 60 balls during a range session is almost like a round of golf condensed into an hour hitting once a minute, my guess is that golf muscles need time to relax after they are used.

  6. Louis M

    Spot on. This was happening to me at the range also and my PGA pro immediately diagnosed that issue.

    Fatigue will definitely show up in other ways as your grip, alignment, and/or takeaway degrade. I would also add that maintaining tempo (usually by slowing down) is also very important.

  7. Carl T

    This is a interesting subject. I have always wondered how tour pros can spend 6 hours or more on the range. I have one practice day a week, sometimes two, and I am done after two and a half to three hours. I spend an hour on my short game, chipping, pitching, bunker play, about 45 minutes to an hour putting and the rest on the range. I just run out of steam after that and feel fatigued and feel that if I spent any more time it would be detrimental to getting better or grooving something that I need to work on. I have come to the conclusion that most tour pros are in really good physical condition and that golf is more of an athletic endeavor than most people think.

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