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714 AP1's vs. 2008 AP1's

Mark F

I sent this a couple of days ago under the "golf club" topic but as of now it is 17th down the list so I'm trying as a "general" post.  I am considering buying new 714 AP 1's in December, but because I'm retired money is an issue.  I currently play the 2008 AP 1's and I love them.  I noticed that the longer clubs of the 714's are the same lofts as the ones I already have while the shorter clubs have been strengthened (which I like).  So, my question is, what would be the performance difference between the 714 4-6 irons vs. the 2008 4-6 irons?  If I can save $300+ without a large drop off in performance I might just do that.  Hopefully I can get a quick answer as I just received an e-mail from Edwin Watts that they are taking pre-orders for the 714 line-up.  Thanks for the help.

Mark F

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  1. Don O

    I still see a lot of eye-2's on the courses.  ...And they still beat me.  You'll have to define want and need.  In my case, need is I can't get the ball up or the club face is worn.  I want 714s and even think my 712s with graphite/A-flex shafts give me too much loft.  But then I remember in 5-10 years I will probably lose some more speed.

    You probably don't want to pre-order as you should check that the 2008 shaft or that the stock 2014 is still the best shaft for you.  You might do better with a diferent shaft - us old guys aren't who the stock sets at box stores are designed for.  In this age group, replacing 4 and 5 irons with hybrids might be better than replacing the iron for iron.

    But you may need the 714's....

  2. Mark F


    Thanks for the input.  I think that I wanted the 714's because of the stronger lofts in the shorter irons plus the addition of the second gap wedge.  But I just got back from my weekly round at my home course (6223 yds.)  where I shot an 81 with two 6's, so maybe I don't "need" to switch just yet.  Also, I'm awaiting the delivery of a 21 and 24 degree 913h so that should help with some of the longer shots.  I'll still keep my 4 iron for those "under the tree limb" shots and some in between par 3's but for now I think I'll just keep my faithful 2008's.  Thanks again for your thoughts.  Fairways and greens.

    Mark F

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