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Fitness and Distance

Greg J

Hey golfers, I've noticed for the past few years that the manufactures have pushed to the limits the golf balls, and the golf clubs. I think the only thing left is the golfer. Titleist is in the lead right now with the TPI training centers. Do you think this is the way golf is going to go in the future? Make the golfer a better athlete. 

If it is are they doing a good job.

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  1. AJAR

    I agree with this 100%. I know for me that training has helped me be more stable and therefore more consistent with my swing. It was easy to get lazy and lethargic later in the round without fitness training and the TPI has shown me how to train to be less injury-prone. Also, the TPI has a great library of exercises and episodes that involve a large network of specialists that deal with fitness and flexibility for one's golf game as we age so we can keep aspiring to shoot lower scores. I want to continue playing this game as well as improve and without fitness training I can't see that possible. 

  2. Greg J

    Thank you for you Reply. I feel the same way. Take a look at this video and let me know what you think

  3. Fred C

    Well, it works for most sports and working out has to help one's golf, if only to increase strength, flexibility, endurance and decrease fatigue during the round. Still, as far as distance goes, we're all born with a certain amount of fast twitch and slow twitch muscles so, perhaps our speed is the speed we will always have. Has the TPI found they can increase clubhead speed with training?

  4. Allen L

    Do you think this is the way golf is going to go in the future? Make the golfer a better athlete.  If it is are they doing a good job.

    I think so, golf is a sport and today's pro golfers are in pretty good shape overall for this sport.  Just seems to me that the guy's on tour are complete athelete's for golf.  You even see them snaking during their play to keep their sugar levels right.  Just seems like those players are making sure that they have as few weaknesses to interfere with their skills.

    Have never been to a TPI center, if I lived close to one I'd be regular customer.  The TPI website is a terrific site for golf oriented physical conditioning, golf tips, and nutrition.  I have Favorite exercises and tips as a website member.  I do an early morning one mile jog after breakfast, then do a light loosen up for golf muscles, then go through about a dozen or so of the TPI's exercises that I chose to suit my needs.  At age 65 I can walk with a 14 club bag 18 holes in under four hours.  It has helped my scoring to boot, I used to think of my first three holes as loosen up holes, now I'm ready play on the first hole.

  5. Fred C

    Allen, you hit the nail on the head. It's all about being ready to play your best on the first hole. Many years ago, I read a comment about Donald Ross and how he designed the first few holes to allow the golfer to get adjusted before the course would "show its teeth", so to speak. Of course, back then, practice ranges weren't prevalent and there wan't a place to hit balls to warm up. I suppose many performed stretching exercises and, one should ALWAYS stretch before playing, or hitting balls, IMHO.

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