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Never Wet by Rustoleum

Andrew A

Has anyone seen the Never Wet product made by Rustoluem?  I placed the link below for your reference if you haven't.  I recently applied this product to my bag, prior to playing on a day where I knew it was going to rain, and it work better than I could have imagined.  I then started to think of placing this on my grips and glove for future use.  I live in a very humid climate during the summer months and wonder if this could be a fantastic solution for gloves that get wet simply by the moisture in the air.

Couple of questions:

1) Would I be violating any rules adding this to my grips or glove?

2) Has anyone tried this that could proved any feedback on the results?

3) Do you think this would actually damage the rubber/leather of my grips/gloves if it were legal?

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  1. Carl T

    I would think on hot humid days your glove gets wet from the inside (your hands sweating) than more from the humid air outside. The product says it is not intended for clothing. If you wore gloves in the rain I would think the product would repel water but they make gloves for playing in the rain which I suspect would be better than hosing down your gloves intended for dry days.If I was going to spray my bag I would spray a small area on the strap to see how the spray and the material get along.  Just my thoughts.

  2. Fred C

    Andrew, I can't say about the application on your grips but think it should be OK. For your gloves, it's probably not  good idea. Given the heat and humidity that causes sweat, you might try Grip Plus from Prince tennis. It's an alcohol based gel that you spread on your hands that works wonders to help reduce the sweat on your hands.. Also, another trick I've used for years is to rotate several gloves on a "velcro" strip. In addition, as salt accumulates on my gloves, I wash them with a mild detergent on delicate cycle in the washing machine. When they are washed, I roll them in a towel to remove the excess water then, hang them to dry. As they dry, but are still slightly moist, I stretch them out a bit and fit them on my hand to regain their shape. Then, allow them to dry more. You may still have to slightly stretch the leather a bit, but your gloves will last MUCH longer. Before I did this, I would use 6 - 10 dozen gloves per year. Now, I use only 3-4 dozen. I hope this helps you, too.

  3. Todd T

    Our local store did a story on it and it repelled mustard, wine, mud and anything wet off a silk tie! My bag will get an application, but I don't think it should be used for gloves! Best bet it to rotate them during the round. I think they'd hold in moisture!

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