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I was wondering if any of the other LH players out there have the same problem I do

andy r

It is almost Impossible to find Titleist Golf gloves in Pro shops and even in some of the larger retail shops and the ones that have them have very limited sizes and quantities.

Is it just here in CT or does any else seem to have these difficulties?

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  1. Don O

    The larger retailers will have FJ gloves if I search hard enough.  I let it go at that.  I do spend a lot of time browsing for gloves.  I use a ML, and a RML is almost never in stock at a pro shop.

    The only reason I found Titleist was because with 1 exception (and a 7.5 degree driver is not in my wheelhouse) I can get all the same clubs as a RH.  I'll not worry too much about a glove.  Even the company with a 5 time major champ that is LH doesn't come close to offering a full line of clubs to play on the right side of the ball.

  2. Christian G

    I feel ya Andy.  

    I'll rummage through the FJ glove section for lefty gloves with out any luck most of the time. They're hard to find in most shops here in So. Cal.  I end up getting them on Ebay or if I can find the WeatherSof's on sale.  

  3. Kevin N

    The struggles of us lefties! I have also found it impossible in pro shops to find any glove let alone Titleist. The place where I've been able to find gloves on a consistent basis is Golf Galaxy. The store in my area usually maintains a healthy stock of Titleist Players Flex and FJ Weathersoft gloves. When I see them, I usually get 2-3. 

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