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handicap Index for playing the new 714 AP2 vs 714 AP!

Mike G

What are the recommended handicap index's for playing the new 714 AP2 and AP1's?

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  1. Todd T

    Get with and certified fitter and launch monitor and let that assist you in deciding!

  2. 19hole

    I would not look at it as which club for what handicap. I would spend the time to see a fitter. You will get the best advice for your clubs by someone that is trained to use the proper tools to give you the best possible clubs for your game. You could even end up with a mixed set of both AP1s and AP2s.

  3. Mike G

    Thank you for your information. I hadn't considered a mixed set. That might be the way to go when the clubs are sent to fitter's in my area.

  4. Brad m

    Definitely get fitted before purchasing. You won't know until you try them. Last week at the Titleist Test centre,  I was hitting the AP2s with stiff shafts better than anything else. I previously had the AP1s with light regular shafts. Go figure.

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