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909 Headcover number discs

darren a

Hi, first post here and looking forward to becoming part of the forum.


Well im looking for any resources as to where I can find the number discs/tags that attached inside the plastic snap together thing on the 909 headcovers. Ive finally lost the last one and would really like to replace these. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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  1. Christian G

    My first suggestion would be eBay, but you've probably checked that.  You may not be able to find just the little number thingy on there, but you could probably get a complete 909 headcover for next to nothing.  

  2. darren a

    Hi, Appreciate the reply but yeh ive been checking for ages now  on ebay and headcovers arent so cheap and most do not come with the number discs. The search continues im afraid. Dosent the manufacturers still have these wee buggers lying around in a box somewhere?? lol If only it was that simple



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