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Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag Question

Dan S

I have my trusty old Titleist "Leather" Cart Bag which I've had for years now. I'm considering purchasing the 2013 Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag. I do not like 14-way bags, so I have ruled out the premium version. But my question "is there enough room to easily fit 14 clubs?" Any of you guy that have this bag could you chime in. I see that there was only 4-way top (but very large slots) , so is that roomy enough? And what configuration do you use with only 4 slots to work with? I normally put my putter up top.

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  1. Dan S

    Here is the bag. Can Driver, Wood , 3H, and putter all fit in the top slot?

  2. Christian G

    I've almost switched to this bag from the Ultra Lightweight bag mainly because of the club dividers. On the ultra, there's only 2 dividers and clubs get tangled up.  Even though the Lightweight bag is pound heavier, I think it would be a great carry bag and wouldn't hesitate getting it mainly because of the 4 large club slots. All of the Titleist bags I've had are great quality.  I put my putter and headcovered clubs in the top and irons below.  The 2013 stuff should be going on sale in most shops soon because the 2014 gear is on the way.  Hope that helps. 

  3. Dan S

    That was exactly what I was thinking. 2014 bag are due in my local PGA Superstore November, so I'm sure the 2013's will price drop some. Thanks, I would be putting my driver, 3W, 3H, and putter in the top slot.

  4. Cole W

    I have this bag, there is plenty of room for 14 clubs, also there is a lot of room in the pockets of the bag and well divided

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