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TT goodies over the years

Matthew P Club Champion Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

what is the best TT goodies that you have received in the years???

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  1. Smitty

    TT gives away Goodies?? Where do I sign-up? :)

  2. Don O

    TT should consider the sampling of ProV1x I got a good investment.  Till then, I didn't consider my game worth more than a low end 2 or 3 piece ball. Now I only wait for an optic NXT/ProV1x to next up my game.

  3. Allen L

    Nothing so far.

  4. Greg K

    Although I have been playing golf for many years, I'm new to Team Titleist so no goodies have been received.

    It's nice to see this type of collaboration of golfers; therefore if no goodies are received, the interaction and information received from other golfers will prove to be invaluable!

    Great job by Team Titleist ... IMO


  5. Tim Tiger

    I have been here on the forums since the very beginning.  Have received a few items in my time posting.

    The best are probably the friends I have met and continue to stay in contact with.  Have also been to Fairhaven and met the group there.

    Tyler Higley and I did get 3 points from Depaolo and Melton, but we really took those with force.

    My favorite item is the bag I purchased and had personalized.



  6. Christian G

    The TT crew gave out some great prizes at the La Costa golf day earlier this year.  I personally got a Titleist stand bag with the TT logo plus a Staff Bag.  Everyone who played got a dozen ProV1's with the TT logo, which were really cool.  Wish I had about 6 dozen of those. 

  7. Smitty

    I read in another post that they used to give out bag tags - do they still do that?

  8. Brian D

    Great question and I am hoping this is giving credit to the entire Team Titleist crew and all of the work that no one really gets to see behind the scenes.

    I was fortunate enough to be selected for the very 1st Team Titleist event.  It was in the fall, prior to the DB Champioship and just as the 910 series was being released.  I received an invitation to go to Ball Plant III and get a tour of the facility.  Not only was this a very private tour, we actually got to see, touch and feel a ball from the start of production with the raw materials, all the way through the final hands on personal approval of each ball.  This was a "goodie" in and of itself.  It was like winning a Wonka Golden Ticket.  After the tour of the Ball Plant, we then hopped on a bus to visist the hallowed grounds know as Manchester Lane.

    There we got to meet several of the Titleist Performance Fitters...hope I am using the correct title.  During our visit we got to see a machine that tests the balls for every specification you could imagine.  And believe me, this thing is dead accurate, within a foot or two of its exact target. 

    After seeing the machine, we then headed out to the back of the facility for some wedge testing, which turned into a competion for a customized Vokey Wedge from teh Wedgeworks shop.

    Finally the day ended with us having the opportunity to test the new technology of the Sure-Fit system in the new 910 line.

    I have also participated in a few other events via Team Titleist and I can't say enough for what a great TEAM Titleist has assembled to bring innovation and technology to not only tour players, but everyday players like most of us.

    Special thanks to Mike, Cathi, and my personal fitter Karen.  They have all made me a better player and provided me with clubs and balls I can trust to perform.


  9. Otis T

    I received a dozen logo Golf Balls and a Team Titleist Shirt...awesome! Team Titleist is Amaaaaaazing!

  10. Dan H

    Thanks to the Team Titleist team for doing what you do and hopefully we can have a Midwest or Great Lakes event next year to meet everyone and have some fun.  Really cool that Titleist does this forum for us and don't know of any other companies that do such a thing for their fans. 

  11. Todd T

    Won a black Newport Scotty Cameron putter at the TT event last year at La Costa, the polo, sticks and balls were also nice!

  12. 19hole

    I have been lucky enough to visit Ball Plant #2 and Manchester Lane during the first TT get together and this fall the trip to Streamsong was FANTASTIC!

    It really is not about what they give away but the interaction between the participants on the site. That is the real value of being a Team titleist member!

    Brian, you are a very luck guy...personal fitting with Karen! She is great to work with.

  13. Greg E

    I have been fortunate enough to get a few things from Team Titleist.

    Started with the Bag Tag and a chance to try the "test" balls in 2012.  This year I was invited to participate in the Streamsong (Florida) Team Titleist Invitational where the players were able to test the 714 irons before they were released to the public (and boy are they sweet!).  We also received a goody bag full with great stuff.  A nice FJ shirt, a TT t-shirt, dozen ProV1x with the TT logo, a Titleist hat, glove and towel, a set of TT alignment rods and a new stand bag is on it way!  But the best of all was getting to meet Mike DePaolo and Liz Valicent from Titleist.  Nice folks!  All this by keeping my profile up-to-date, tracking my stats on the website and participating in blogs such as this.  Thanks Team Titleist!

  14. Fred C

    The "goodies" have been far above expectations as I didn't join TT for goodies. Rather, for me, TT is about 1. making new golf friends, 2. learning more about golf, 3. discovering other's views, ideas and opinions related to golf, 4. passing on some of my knowledge, ideas and opinions related to golf. In all, this site is "goodies" enough. The extras are greatly appreciated and welcome

  15. Hotsauce

    Titleist has been simply amazing to me. I have been fortunate enough to get fitted at Manchester Lane, participate in a focus group, test balls, and even be in their catalog. I've also received golf balls, T-shirt, Polo, hat, and some other stuff. Mike was even good enough to hook me up with a PGA Tour Support Titleist staff bag. It's by far one of the coolest things I own, and something I would grab if my house caught fire. But the coolest thing I have received is the friendships I've made through this website. There's nothing like being able to talk golf 24 seven. This is the closest thing to the 19th hole. 

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