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My 714 AP2s are finally here... sort of... almost...


After hearing some of you out there already receiving 714s, i contacted my seller and was provided with the tracking number.

8 AM in my office checking the status of my clubs and this is what i see,

4:17 am
On FedEx vehicle for delivery

woo hoo!

i will be a very happy person when i get home today!

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  1. Steve H

    Got got the notification from my Golf Pro......They have arrived.  Screw work, on my way to go hit some balls....(after work really!)


    Congrats to you! I am glad someone is receiving their clubs they ordered. That's funny that some Titleist members are getting their clubs and others are being told they can't be released until 8 Nov. Kinda makes you wonder who's blowing smoke. I ordered mine on 23 Oct and I still haven't received any shipping info. Again congrats brother and I hope you enjoy your clubs. I know I will if they ever show up...

  3. bigearnucsd

    Thanks! I ordered mine on Sep 30th and also i'm less than 2 hours away from carlsbad/oceanside so that might be something to do with getting them few days early.  i got them overnight even though it was regular FedEx.

    I'm sure you will receive them in the next few days.

  4. Oviechkin

    Congrats buddy!!! Enjoy them!

    Mine came into the store today but I am out of town and won't get them till Friday night.

    Let us how u like playing with them.



  5. bigearnucsd


  6. Graham M

    I live I Scotland and my new AP2s arrived today, it's like being a kid at Christmas all over again,


  7. bigearnucsd

    Nice, funny you say that because i posted these pictures on my facebook and captioned "Christmas came early this year!"

  8. Fred C

    You guys are going to love the 714 AP2's - We were allowed to demo them at Wolfdancer and I'm convinced they are the best iron Titleist has ever produced. Now, I only need to find enough room in the budget to buy a set.

  9. Victor V

    Well, you are a lucky one.  My 714 AP2 supposed to arrive at the shop I ordered from yesterday and was planning to pick them up (And have them adjusted as needed) today.  I called the shop before heading out and was told that Titleist ran out of the shaft I ordered for my irons, Project X Psi!  How could that be?  First week of its availability!  Unreal.  Now my irons won;t be ready until 11/25th!!!  Titleist should informed me before I placed my order that they don't have the shaft in stock.  I guess I have to wait and play my club champion without them.

  10. HawaiiMarine

    I ordered my clubs through TGW -- had them customized and was able to select from a large variety/selection of grips ... Ordered online on the 24th of October ... I received them on November 6th! They are beautiful to say the least. Unfortunately I won't be able to swing them until February/March as I have "gofer's" elbow surgery  next week. I can't wait to swing them! 

    • Does anyone have any recommendations as it relates to really nice grips that are able to handle moisture ... rain, sweat, etc? I typically prefer golf pride grips and would love to get some solid input. Thanks in advance!
  11. Marc S

    I custom ordered my 714 AP2's from TGW around the middle of October. I received them Wed the 6th and FINALLY got to play with them today. I shot a 73 and love them. I'm still dialing in the yardages, but nonetheless they are sweet. Can't wait to tee it up again in the morn. If possible an even prouder member of Team Titleist!!!
  12. bigearnucsd

    Golf Pride Decade Multi Compound!!! you can't go wrong with this one.  Expensive but totally worth it.  Last longer too.

    btw, i played my first round with AP2s and i love it.  still getting used to the new feel of forged irons but i can't wait to take them out again.

  13. Jeff K

    My 714 AP2 4 iron arrived yesterday. Can't wait to get to the course and see what she's got. This is a trial run before I buy the whole set. Currently playing 710 CB/MB split set. Hoping the AP2 has a solid feel to it.

  14. Fred C

    des T, I can strongly recommend the Golf Pride Tour Wrap - it's very "tacky" and works great in wet weather. Let me add, they absorb a lot of vibration too. It's been my choice grip for many years now.

  15. HawaiiMarine

    Thanks Fred. I had them wrapped with the new 2G Tour Wrap and love them. They are super tacky and provide a generous amount of cushion. I believe I may get the new "white outs" when summer hits for the hotter, sweater and storm weather. 

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