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New stand bags

Walker C

Hey everyone! I'm looking for a new Titleist stand bag and wanted some opinions on getting a 14 way top, versus the 4 way on the lightweight line. Are the 14 way tops full dividers? Does anyone have problems with removing clubs from the 14 way? Thanks

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  1. Jason C

    I have the 2014 Titleist 14-way stand bag. They are full dividers and I have no trouble pulling and replacing the clubs in the bag. 

  2. chris b

    I have the new 14 stand bag as well.  I love it!  The newly designed sling is the feature I love the most.  It really does center the bag across your back and provides great comfort.  The dividers are all the way down and find it easy to put the clubs back in, especially if you are in a cart.  

    My only drawback is that if you are used to the conventional type of bag and your a walker, trying to put that ONE club back into that ONE spot if you are walking along becomes very difficult.  If you put the club back in before you pick up the bag to continue along your way, there is no problem.  But I was used to grabbing the bag and putting the club in as I started to walk.  Took me a while to get used to but its not a problem now.

    Love the pockets as well.  They are laid out perfectly.  Good investment to go along with my new AP2's as well! :) 

  3. Fred C

    To me, it depends on the size of your grips. I prefer mid-size grips and the 4 way works best for me. The 14 way grabs my grips, just a bit. Either way, you'll get a well thought carry bag.

  4. Tim Tiger

    I do not care for the 14 dividers.  To much hassle at times getting them in or out.

    The 2014 bags are very nice looking and have all the perfect pockets.


  5. Tyler H

    I am a huge fan of the 4 way top and will really not consider any other option.


  6. Chris92009

    As you can quickly tell it is personal preference.  I only use a 14 way divider bag and love it!  I have oversize grips and do not notice any problems plus I like how I have no problem pulling a club out

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