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Christmas week playday in Dallas

Fred C

Since Brandon  is going to be up here for the week from Houston, we may as well go play. There's no firm date, but the day before or day after Christmas look promising. Who wants in?

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  1. Dallin H


    You can count me in for the day after Christmas.

  2. Mike C

    Count me in for the day after Christmas as well!

  3. Fred C

    I haven't heard from Brandon, but we need to set a place. Where would you all like to Play? We do have a special at 1:00 here at Walnut Creek - $40 guest fee or $35 at 1:00. 

  4. Mike C

    I'm good with whatever Fred.  I will send you a text and we can work out the details.  Look forward to seeing you Thursday!

  5. Dallin H

    Fred, Thanks for setting this up! I had a blast playing with you and Mike. Next time we should play at my club.
  6. Mike C

    Always fun to get together with Freddy and Dallin. Great spending the afternoon with my fellow TT members and having fun! Thanks for hosting Fred.
  7. Fred C

    Dallin & Mike - the feeling is mutual. Thank you both for coming down my way. Let's do this again and maybe we'll remember to take photos the next time. ;-)


  8. memphisunited

    Come on Freddy.  No photos?  haha.

  9. Fred C

    Yeah, It's weird - we bring cameras and forget to turn them on.

  10. Brandon C

    Hey guys sorry I missed out on playing with y'all. I am going to be around the Dallas area quite a bit in the coming weeks and months so we will get a group TT outing lined up.

    Hope everyone had a good new year! My resolution is to play more golf. lol

  11. Mike C

    Sorry we missed you Brandon.  Hopefully we can all get together on one of your upcoming trips to Dallas

  12. Brandon C

    Hey Mike,

    Well I am actually in the process and transition of moving to Dallas. I should be moved up there permanently sometime in early February.  So from then on it should be open game for anytime y'all want to play.

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