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All I want for Christmas.....

Tony R

Have you guys seen the new Titliest Tour Stand Bag? It's the best looking stand bag I've ever seen. May be slightly heavy but let's be honest I'm on a cart 90% of the time anyway. Fingers crossed here. Come on Santa.

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  1. Allen L

    Yeah Tony, that's a great looking bag.  That's on my list too.  I also need a new staff bag but that will have to be later in the year.

  2. Dallin H

    I totally agree...great looking bag!

  3. Tim Tiger

    I talked with my pro yesterday about getting the Stand Staff Bag ordered.


  4. Jeff H

    Yes it is! It looks even better with the new 714 AP1 irons in it!!!
  5. Cole

    It truly looks amazing. I love how its a staff bag with a stand. I always have that problem of wanting a staff bag but not being able to cary it easily. This solves both of those problems. I will defiantly be getting one eventually. 

  6. Eric N has had them for a few months now. Not sure why as I didn't see anything else from the '14 line, but snagged one as soon as I saw it. Looks great!

  7. Chris P

    I was fortunate enough to pic one up in mid October.  Nothing but great things to say about it.  Lots of positive comments also when I'm at the range and on the course.  I was fortunate enough to get invited to the Team Titleist outing in Austin and was able to show the bag off while there.  Even the local Titleist rep, Dave, hadn't received his yet.  It looks great with the 714 AP2's in there.

    Titleist has done it again!! 


  8. Chris P

    Tim -

      Getting a big 3 on the ball pocket?  Had to ask!!

      Merry Christmas.


  9. Curtis M

    Very nice bag.  I do wish they would make with 14 way dividers though.   Either way, keep up the good work Titleist!!

  10. mark l

    My list to Santa included a 14 way lightweight bag.  Fingers crossed, there is a present under the tree that is about the right height...

  11. Tim Tiger

    Chris P

    Tim -

      Getting a big 3 on the ball pocket?  Had to ask!!

      Merry Christmas.



    It will have the TT logo on the front.   Not sure Mike will allow any "3 point " reference on it.

    Happy Holidays


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