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San Diego Christmas Gifts

Steve H Club Champion


it came in the mail just 5 minutes ago.  Tore it open, saddled it up and went outside to go play.  Yup......this is how we roll in Utah.  Thanks Mike and all the great Team at Titleist.  What a great event in San Diego......

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  1. pulplvr

    Like the gifts, Steve.  So which of the courses actually let you out in those 6+ inches of snow?

  2. Todd T

    Great bag, got mine Tuesday...... Now the hard part, choosing custom covers!

  3. Marc S

    Brent W. and I received these bad boys and waited patiently to open them until Christmas Day. Needless to say we had a blast transferring our stuff from one Titleist bag to the other. Thanks to the TT folks for the awesome gifts.

    Definitely an awesome Christmas spending it with my Best Friend and fellow Team Titleist loyalist. #1fansmeanbusiness

  4. vurich

    Marc and Brent!

    Looking GREAT boys!

    Can't wait for a rematch next Dec in San Diego for a Team Titleist Reunion!

    You guys are the best!

    Thanks so much for your service and sacrifice for us all!

    I filled my new bag with goodies, too!

    Wishing you both the best for 2014!


    P.S.  Jan 22, CBS, 9pm, Criminal Minds.  Watch me!

  5. Ryan B

    Looks good! Looks like it'll be covered ranges and trips to St. George for golf in the Utah winter!

  6. Steve H

    Just like Stricker, out of a heated trailer and into the snow. Heading to St. George for the first tournament of the year on the 4th and 5th of January. Mid 50's and a little sunshine. 

  7. vurich


    Wishing you the best in St. George for the tourney!

    Should be great!

    happy 2014!


  8. Ryan B

    Sounds like a good setup. I need to get down to STG, only got a few rounds in with my 714s before the snow hit in SLC. Added some 913 woods and I'm ready for 2014. 

    That TT bag is pretty slick though, looks even nicer with those sticks!

  9. Jack

    Very nice Steve H. What course did TT play for the event in San Diego?
  10. Brian D

    What great presents.  I love the half zip pull over with the TT logo and the pom  pom hat.  Looks like you're ready to go...

  11. Todd T

    The Grand Del Mar.

  12. Don O

    It would have been false advertising to show the box at the door - I was out of town when Fedex appeared, and finally got it at a local Fedex/Kinko just before New Years.  The logo did help locate it from the piles of incoming boxes..  So, here is the new bag on duty for the first time from the heated driving shed - ...home until April.  Note the winter wonderland in the mirror.  Thanks again, Mike and team, for sponsoring a wonderful event (..and at some place warmer than 30 degrees in December...) and having the coolest gifts!

    The only thing left I need to do is to replace the Callie iron covers (gift from a son) on the AP1s..  Now that's false advertising.

  13. Hotsauce

    Steve you at TT to the MAX!!  Looking good.  Mine came in the mail last week.  What a cool bag.  I threw all my clubs in it, and now it looks great in my office as I'm waiting for the snow to melt.

  14. Chris92009

    Steve, love the look!  It seems despite the snow you are ready to roll! I wonder given the hard ground and ice how far your drives can go now!!


    Stay warm!


  15. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Don,  Impressive....  Very nice practice bay!  Makes me want to go and hit balls :)

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