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Restoring a Cameron


Hi TT,

Now is the time of year in New England where I tend to tinker with my clubs as the snow falls.  A friend of mine's Father had a rough 2013.  He's coming around and may even be teeing it up in 2014.  For Christmas I refinished this old rust bucket he had in his garage.  We wanted to make it black with an Irish theme.  I think it came out pretty good.


Finish stripped

Gun Blued (more like gun blacked)


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  1. V. M. JOHNSON

    Nice work!!!

  2. Basicrod

    As the pictures are evidence, it is very well presented !   Was this all your handiwork, or did you have it stripped, then finished, and painted ?  Would you please provide details for materials used, or vendors used ?  Thanks, Rod

  3. Mitchell C

    Very Nice!   Best of luck in 2014!

  4. tdogg21

    Nice work!  Good job Josh.  I like the Irish theme.

    I'm build a workshop in my basement and starting to tinker more with my clubs.  I'm trying to learn how to refinish clubs.  I know the basics, but hoping to get good at it.

  5. David Browning

    Not too shabby. I'm sure that he'll like it. 

  6. Roger D

    can the black face on titleist woods be restored

  7. Jack

    Very nice work!
  8. Chris92009

    Looks good! That is sharp!

  9. Hotsauce

    I did it all myself.  The rust removal was very hard.  I got all the rust off, but the metal looked like it has scars from it.  I couldn't remove those.  I also couldn't get the dents or dings out.  

    To remove the finish I soaked it overnight in Coke.  For the rust I used white vinegar, steel wool, and a lot of elbow grease.  The gun blue is Hopps.  If you do it lighter, you get a less black and more blue finish.  His Dad was looking for black so I loaded it up.  The paint is just any old acrylic model paint.  Paint is the easy part.  Some of the acetone made the finish looked stripped, around the painted areas, but it all blend together nicely once it's been gamed. 

  10. Jim A

    Outstanding job Josh.   I'm sure he will love it and be very proud and happy to be able to play again.  I am very familure with being away from the game we all love so dear.  

  11. Michael B

    Nice job, Josh. I have a Circa 62 and have the same problem, with the pitting in the cavity.

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