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New Golf Team

Marc R

OK! I'm trying to get together a school golf team. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Chris92009

    Marc, is your question an organization one or a recruiting one? 

    Look forward to your clarification in order to help!

  2. Marc R

    Both. I need members, interest, and I want the team to be classy and successful.
  3. Allen L

    Good for you Marc.  I'M guessing that you are looking to form a High School team?  I'd suggest finding a golfing teacher or dad who would help out as a coach to help you get organized.  Once established your team will also want to become engaged with your states athletics program for competitive golf.

    Where I'm located in east Ohio most all of the clubs and courses support at least one High School golf team with reduced greens fees for practice rounds.  The course I play doesn't charge anything for the local HS team, they get to play one afternoon a week as a team.  Recruiting should not be too difficult, athlete's love the sport of competition.   I'd also suggest getting additional help and advice from a local pro, especially if you can find one who will run handicapping for the team.  Once established, your coach should make sure that every member of your team has a current copy of the Rules of Golf from the USGA and has at least a fundamental understanding of the rules, its important when you play competitive golf.  One other possible source of advice and help is your local sports writer at your newspaper, getting a team started is news and a story about your team will help in many ways.

    One local HS team here runs Saturday morning car washes almost year round.  They have classy matching polo team shirts and hope to have matching bags this year.  Their team is good and they get plenty of dirty cars to support their team.

    Don't leave out the girls.  Girls HS teams are every bit as popular and successful as the guy's teams.

    Just some ideas for you.  Good luck.  Never give up, you will have a great team and a lot of fun organizing.  Keep us posted on how things go.

  4. Marc R

    Thank You so much, Allen. Will do!

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