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Titleist Lanyard

Tyler L

 Does anyone know where I could get a Titleist lanyard for my keys?

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  1. Cole

    I would check ebay. Sometimes you can find some cool things on there!

  2. Tyler L

    I checked on ebay and there isn't anything on there.

  3. Chris92009

    Cole, great idea...also you could check with your local Titleist Dealer (not big box store but rather green grass locations) and they might have an extra laying around not being used... JAT

  4. Nathan S

    Someone on the forum mentioned taking a zipper tag off an old Titleist bag.  I just did that last night for my key chain and it looks great!

  5. Tyson F

    I received a Titleist lanyard and Bag Tag last week in the mail.  I'm sure if you contribute on here, when you least expect it, something nice will just surprise you one day. 

  6. Dan H

    Would love to have a Titleist lanyard for the keys!!!  Thanks again for everything TT.  

  7. Chris92009

    I guess a lanyard sounds like a cool accessory! Never really thought about it before...

    OP as pointed out by others already be a regular member of the community and cool things just happen.

    Good Luck!

  8. TeeBee72

    i am soooooooooooo waiting for those to be in my mailbox !!!

  9. Dan H

    I just received a Titleist Lanyard surprise in my mailbox this afternoon!!!!  Thanks Cathi, and Team Titleist for all you do for us!!!

  10. joe t

    A Team Titleist Sticker would be a great addition to my Scotty Cameron sticker collection.
  11. Ben S

    I am fairly new to TT, can I still get a lanyard or do I need to be like an actual contributing user, which I plan to be?

  12. Ben S

    I'd kill for a Titleist lanyard, it would match my backpack for school and my friends would definitely buy some Titleist merch.

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