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New Stock Aldila Tour Green versus Diamana S for Fairway/Hybrid


I was about to call my retailer about changing my golf shafts from the Diamana D+ to the Diamana S+ and purchase some additional hybrids. I saw the new stock shafts from Aldila and would love to hear from anyone who has tried the Aldila and perhaps provide some feedback, Thanks!


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  1. stuart c

    I have the RIP @ 60 stiff in my 913 D2 and the 70 in my 913 fd 13.5 and they are both great.  I use the S 72 in my 913H's.  That was the best option for me when I was fitted  last year

    I am curious about the new green shaft and the comparisons.  Any input from anyone?



  2. joe c

    i currently play the Aldila Tour Green in all my woods. Titleist 913 D3, Titleist 913 Fd and Titleist 913 H.

    the playing characteristics for all three are Mid Launch with Low Spin..which is exactly what i was looking for.

    prior to the Tour Green..i was playing the Fubuki K in my driver which was Great, but it launched too High..which is

    not good here in the Texas winds.

    Very happy with the results, but definitely check it out and get your numbers..if you are looking for Mid Launch and Low Spin

    its a great shaft and very popular on Tour.

    Good Luck!!

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