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Best golf GPS App you have used?

Curtis M

Whats the best app for your smartphone you have ever used?   Golflogix is a decent one that I currently use, but wondering if there is anything better.

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  1. Spezza

    Golf shot  is great only a one time fee 29$ not yearly and deeps all stats, games, handicapp, etc. I used golf logix and it is good but is 20 per year with no difference from golf shot 

  2. Ryan D.

    I use this as well and LOVE it!!

  3. Justinu3

    Was using GolfLogix for a few years but dumped it for a Leupold Rangefinder this year!  :-)

  4. Dr. Kovatchian

    I'm a big fan of using a laser range finder...Leupold makes the best in the world right here in the USA!!!

    Do yourself a favor and invest in a Leupold GX-3i.....Simply Amazing and Dead on Perfect!!!

    Dr. K

  5. Jim A

    I to have the Leupold GX-3i. I did extensive research over the past year from friends and family, to online. After all of this, I chose the Leupold GX-31 because of its tournament capability and everyday use. I have a Leupold RX-II for hunting and performed the same process prior to its purchase. Good luck to all.
  6. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    I have the Leupold GX-4i and love everything about it.

    My primary reason for going to a laser vs. GPS was the ability to zero in on just about any feature at a course - tree, bunker, pin, water, etc. Found this helped me more with shot making decisions.

    I do miss the "front, center, back" distances that a good GPS will give you when it comes to approach shots.

    - Mike

  7. Jim A

    Great comments Mike. The reason I did not choose the GX-4i is because you cannot use it during tournament play. Jim
  8. Steve H

    I have the new Bushnell X7 and much like Mike, love it for everthing that it represents.  The Team Titleist app for my phone also goes hand in hand keeping all my stat information. Not much of a GPS guy anymore, like to pinpoint where i need to go. 

  9. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Jim A

    Great comments Mike. The reason I did not choose the GX-4i is because you cannot use it during tournament play. Jim

    One of the cool features is the interchangeable face plate that makes the 4i legal for tournament play. Silver face is legal and yellow faceplate is the non-tournament approved version that enables the slope feature (which is great for practice rounds).



  10. AJAR

    Unfortunately the 4i , due to its interchangeability to a non-conforming range finder, it is not legal. Even if you put the silver plate on. Having said that, it is great for practice rounds and determining accurate yardages for all grades flat or slope.
  11. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    They actually worked on that final issue with the latest release... 

    Now, the best of both worlds.

    Our new GX-4i² offers every stroke-saving advantage we can pack into a compact, rugged laser rangefinder… revolutionary Smart Key™ technology now conforms to USGA Rule 14-3 (pg. 6-7). ... The result is a training/playing aid that can be tailored to your own personal ball-striking abilities, or used for tournament play when permitted by Local Rule.

  12. Jim A

    Now that is cool. When I purchased mine last fall, that was not the case. I am glad they made the change. It make far more sense and allows those who want to improve the tools to do so. Thanks Mike. Jim
  13. Joel L

    Check out a new website called "The Grint". I like the stats, especially putting broken down into GIR vs NON-GIR. Many of the stats give much insight into your real game, a real eye opener.

    They also have GPS on all phones if the course has been mapped online, not hard to add using satellite images.

  14. Jon W

    I actually stopped using a phone app cause it drains the battery so fast, that and my cell phone is a work phone. Ive used other GPS handhelds in the past but got tired of the fees. I purchased a "Golf Buddy" GPS on Ebay last year for $40 and love it. No yearly fees and it is very consistent. Ironically, my group of friends all have their owns GPS units and we are all within a yard or two of one another. Nothing funnier than to watch a bunch of hacks debating on their GPS yardages! One GPS says 149 to the middle and the other GPS says 150......they get mad when i tell them that if they could dial in a yard difference they would be leading the tour right now. Good luck on your search!

  15. Jim A

    No truer words were ever spoken Jon. Have a great year on the course!!
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