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Hey TT! Glad to be back!

Chris S

I cant say how glad I am to be back here at TT! I had a little accident last year that put me on hiatus for a while, but all is well and good now. I really cant wait to get out and play some golf, but like a lot of you here I'm cold and snowed in. I've been able to putt a little indoors to keep me sane tho. 

It looks like I have a little catching up to do but looking forward to it. I see there are a lot of new people and still a bunch of TT members and Titleist staff that have been here for a while that I remember.

Glad to be back!

 Chris S

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Welcome back, Chris! Happy to see you on the boards.


  2. Tim Tiger

    Welcome back.  Hope all is well and you can get back into the flow with no issues.


  3. Chris P

    Welcome back..

  4. Chris S


    Welcome back.  Hope all is well and you can get back into the flow with no issues.


    Thanks guys! I feel great but my right wrist is messed up and has limited movement but feels ok. It should be interesting to see how the swing works now. ;) I'm just glad to be here and still able to play!

     Chris S

  5. george t

    We've never met, but I'm glad you're on the mend and back on the course.  Not sure what was the extent of your injury, but when I see the limited movement of Tim Clark's arms/wrists/hands, he clearly plays pretty well.  Hope you find your game real soon too!


  6. Chris S


     Thank you for the well wishes! I appreciate that. The only thing holdin me back now is all this dang snow! I cant even explain how bad I want to play! Been too long.

      Chris S

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