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Winter Weather = Golf Depression


I don't know how you guys in the north don't go absolutely crazy.  It has been bitterly cold in my neck of the woods this winter with highs in the low 30s and lows in low 20s.  All the courses are closed.  I'm slipping into a depression.  One reason I live in the south is for mild winters.  

It's funny how when I can't get out and play golf, I typically try not to think about it.  Is anyone else like that?  Maybe that's why I haven't been posting lately.  Makes me too sad to dream about golf without the opportunity to actually play it.  :)   


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  1. Chris S


    I don't know how you guys in the north don't go absolutely crazy. 

    I am going completely crazy! Especially this year since I haven't been able to play since last summer!

    Maybe this will cheer you up...You will be able to play WAAAYYYY before we will :(

     Cheers Memphis! Here's to spring!

     Chris S

  2. Don O

    Sanity control:

    1. Alcohol

    2. Drugs

    3. Time to (re)build the swing/body for the upcoming season w/o worrying about the score

    4. Heated bays with outdoor ranges and simulators are popular.  I can play Pebble Beach w/o losing a ball on #7.

    Not all of these apply to all of us...  J

  3. fred k

    i guess you get used to it.  for me in the mid atlantic, there's a certain rhythm to the seasons: the change in colors and falling leaves start the winding down of of the golf season.  the rounds get fewer and fewer after the daylight savings switch, especially when a noon tee time doesn't guarantee finishing in daylight.

    late fall and winter are for storing the clubs in the basement and surviving the holidays.  if the weather's nice in march, i can steal a round or two from the calendar.  otherwise it's beer and bar food while watching the masters before the season really gets going.

    all that said, here's to the winter weather breaking soon!


  4. AJAR

    Hey memphisunited,

    I was fearing the same depression was going to hit me when I came back from the TT San Diego outing.

    The only good to come out of this constant Arctic Blast seems to be the opportunity to focus one's golf game via the gym with range time limited to once a week. I know swing speed will definitely benefit as well as control during the swing.

    The 'off-season' is TPI time, so hook up with a TPI certified pro if you haven't already.

  5. Ric Y

    I've played once in the last six weeks.  We have windchills in the negatives numbers right now.  It's driving me crazy(ier).......

  6. ToddL

    The cold has been so intense this year.  The heated bays have been closed at our local public range.  Can't wait for spring - despite what the groundhog had to say...

  7. Frank P

    I feel for all the folks getting hammered this winter. I am a retired Ironworker who spent 40 winters erecting steel on buildings and bridges in NYC. When I retired 4 years ago, I headed south on I-95 'til I got to Florida and never looked back.

                                                                                                                       Frank P

  8. Ray H

    I spent January in southern Alabama, playing some nice courses in Mississippi and in the Mobile, AL area. But, now it is back to the frozen north. Can't wait for spring. I'll have to say that getting away for a few rounds saved my sanity. Can't wait for spring, when I test my new Vokey wedges.
  9. Grant C

    I am with you. I live in the south and when i go play in the cold, it makes it much less fun.

  10. Tom E

    Upstate NY just had a foot of snow, so my first round at my home course is going to be delayed.

    While I may not be on the course, there is still plenty of golf related activities.  For me it's working out that extra day or two, checking out the TPI website for various golf-related exercises, read golf magazines, watch golf on TV, listen to golf, visit a driving range with heated bays, and work on that putting stroke. 

    I am also president of my golf league so I have to make sure everyone in our group is ready to go.


  11. Allen L

    This years winter is playing out to be a tough one in Ohio and the US in general.  In Ohio it has been bitter cold, snow, ice, more snow, and where I'm at there is now a high likelihood of a flood when all this melts.  So golf is probably going to be a late start this year in eastern Ohio especially if we get some bad flooding.  So cheer up, you'll probably be playing before most of us in the north.

  12. Bill P

    Now you know why we look forward to January, because at least there's golf on TV then (I mean real golf, not the silly off season stuff), and then to the start of at least having Masters commercials on TV...!! Every now and then we have a February here in western Mass. where we can hit balls somewhere outside (doesn't look like this will be one of those years...!), but the usual goal is to be able to play before the baseball season starts....we usually are happy when we can have a "10 on, 2 off" year.....more typically it's 9 and 3 though....

  13. Tim Tiger

    Cheer up Scott.   It won't last long and we will be playing again.


  14. Tyson F

    Indiana weather this winter has gotten the best of me.  I really prefer it to be hot, but I do play in the upper 40's if its at least sunny.  I will bundle up just to kick start the golf season, but that start appears it's going to be delayed even longer than normal years.  Going to try and visit an indoor range / simulator in a few weeks, or maybe check out some clubs at Galaxy or Golfsmith.  I'm itching to get out there, putting on the carpet isn't doing a lot to minimize it any more.

  15. Tom B

    Golf Channel, Golf Channel, Golf Channel. But that probably makes it worse in reality. The new 714AP2's are staring me in the face, sitting in the unused new mid staff bag, crying out for a date. Spent yesterday puting logos on 2 dozen Pro V1's, and the day before replacing parts on the push cart, all while cleaning the grips in front of coverage of Pebble Beach. And that stupid rodent in PA didn't make things any easier with his prognostication either. Grin and bear
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