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Is there a Big Difference between Stiff and Regular in 913H?


I just picked up a 21 degree 913H hybrid and realized it is a regular shaft (they really should change the S+ on those diamana shafts so it doesn't look like a S for Stiff)

Anywho I usually play stiff shaft in irons/driver/hybrids but am thinking maybe I should try the regular because I really want a higher ball flight anyways, just wanted to know if I will lose consistency or is it more of a spin and hight issue. I love a high ball flight but don't want to be spraying things all over… can I have both a high ball flight, more spin and consistency?

Thanks in advance


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  1. Hiep V

    Another option to consider is a steel shaft for your 913h (special order but it's the same price). It gives you a tighter dispersion, but the ball flight is still high. I was fitted for mine at Oceanside, and absolutely love them!

  2. BlkNGld

    Only you or your fitter can really answer that, In general I think someone with a fundamentally good swing is more likely to struggle with too stiff a shaft than too flexible.

  3. Jim A

    I have the 913h in a stiff and I also bought the regular shaft. I did this so I could play the club under real conditions, not just hitting balls on the range. I found for me, the stiff was shorter but easier to keep in play. The regular shaft went a little longer and higher, but was more difficult to control all the time. My suggestion to you would be this, if you like your stiff shafts, keep playing them and adjust your 913h to add more loft with your stiff shaft. If you find you are hitting left or right more often with the added loft, then make the correct adjustments to bring you back to square. You can find the proper adjustment guide on the Titleist site. Just look up your club and then click on the adjustments link. Good luck.
  4. RyanC Titleist fitter

    It depends on your transition at the top of the swing and your tempo
  5. Chris92009

    I agree with Ryan...your swing style plays a big part in this equation...might wish to have the numbers examined before taking it to the bank!

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