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Fun golf games

austin l

As the snow slowly melts away, I get more and more excited for golfing.  Golfing is a blast just to play stroke wise, but I was wondering if you guys had any games that you play while golfing.  I'm not talking about quarters or closest to the hole or any other common games.  I'm just looking to hear some unique golf games myself or maybe other people on here haven't heard before.if you give a golf game, please include the name, how to play, and how many players can play.  Thank you! 

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  1. Steve H

    I like to play 1-3-5 with my friends in the fouresome.  This happens before and after the round (we play all those games you don't want to hear about during the round).  Here's how it works.  If you're putting well, you'll be rich.  Pick a hole on the putting green.  Sinks are $5....from everyone (1 tie all tie) Leave it owe everyone $1.  Three putts will cost you $3 to all.  On any given day, there can be a lot of $$$ that change hands.  However, if you want to learn to putt under pressure, might I suggest this silly little game!!!  Good Luck!

  2. Nicholas D

    That's a great question Austin! Also, that 1-3-5 game sounds like a lot of fun and sounds like and a game that can help you under pressure for sure! Great question and answer, Thanks!!!!
  3. Tyson F

    When the normal group I play with somehow ends up with only 2 - 3 of us playing.  We play a game called, Bingo - Bango - Bongo.  It is longest off tee in fairway only - Bingo.  First one on the green from anywhere - Bango.  Then closest to the pin once everyone is on - Bongo.  It is pretty silly, an quite comical at times, seeing some land on the collar, then able to chip close to the png to with the Bongo, we usually play each worth .25 and the winner gets free drinks after.  The other games we play take 3 scorecards and an accountant to figure out.

  4. Allen L

    Pivot Man for foursomes.  Used to play in a daily foursome where we had a game we called "Pivot Man".  We'd toss coins or spin a tee to select the pivot man.  Then by chance we'd select the order of the pivot mans partner for three 6 hole matches.  So for holes 1-6 it would be pivot man and player A against the other two.  Holes 7-12 it was pivot man and player B.  Holes 13-18 pivot man and player C.  Pivot Man chose method of play: team total strokes, best ball match play, birdie to win hole, and so on.  The Pivot Man also set the prize money, we usually played a buck a hole and the prize money would usually even out with the three matches.  To keep things easy we always used three score cards and had the teams set up on the cards before play.  Fun game.

  5. Chris92009



    A fun game, especially if you are a competitive golfer since it replicates match play tournament golf, is called "Close Out".  Basically you have a bet of $X and you and one other player (can also be made into teams of two against each other) play a round until under match play rules you close out the other team which usually happens on or just before the 18th hole.  Once you close out the other team a new bet automatically begins that is half of the original bet so if $10 was the bet then the second bet would be $5 for the remaining hole(s).  This is a fun and competitive game since it replicates what many competitive golfer experience in match play championships.

    Just a thought! I have enjoyed seeing the other games posted so far!

  6. SD_Golfer

    Every 4th of July I play Red, White and Blue tees.  #1 is red tee, #2 is white tee, #3 is blue tee, #4 is red tee, and so on.

    It gives you a different outlook  to a course you play regularly, in fact, I play it a few times a year now.

    For handicap purposes, you can add the three ratings and slopes and simply divide by 3 ... or just enjoy the change :)


  7. Mike C

    We have also played the Red, White and Blue as a competition in our Friday afternoon game but we let the players choose which holes they wanted to play each of the tees.  The only requirement was that you played each set 6 times (in a total of 18 holes).  This was played as a two man best ball (high - low handicaps) team with multiple groups playing.  It was fun because you had to strategize which holes you wanted to play off of which tees. 


    It's always fun to hear about the different games people play to keep thinks a little exciting.  great topic!

  8. Ryan D.

    If you are on the tee and waiting for the group ahead of you, play the game called (or we call) poison.

    Each person sets the ball next to the tee marker and uses the club they are using off the tee. You alternate shots trying to hit the other tee marker.

    Start at tee marker and try to hit the other tee marker. If you miss, its the next persons turn. If you hit it then you get to go again.

    After you have successfully hit both tee markers, then you go for your opponents ball. Whoever hits another persons ball after successfully hitting both tee markers first, then you have knocked that player out of the game.

    You go back and forth until the last person standing.

    It is fun and you waste time while waiting for the group ahead of you.

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