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Ap 712 Graphite switch to regular steel shafts

Roreen O

Is this possible? are the heads of the graphite and steel clubs the same in weight?

any shaft suggestions for an 80-85 swing speed?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Don O

    Which club is 80-85 swing speed?  If that is driver, you may want to keep graphite in your irons.  Before you invest several hundred dollars for re-shafting, it would be worth $75-100 for a shaft fitting.   Head speed is only one factor, tempo is another in how you transition your swing down.  Angle of attack.. many factors to answer online.

    Are these AP1 or AP2 irons?

  2. Roreen O

    Hi Don. Thanks for the reply. The swing speed was for a 7 iron.

    Was  really a general question. The clubs are AP1 712's. Bought them used so an actual fitting wasnt done.

    I was asking only in the event of a down the road possibility if i decided to swap out the shafts from graphite to steel.

    Are the heads then the same between a graphite and steel clubs?

    Thanks again

  3. Don O

    The concierges will need to weigh in on the head weights and switching to steel.

    The GD AD 65's are high launching.  Depending on your launch angle, there are stock steel shafts from mid-high to low flight with increasing weight that will change the performance.  You can look at the matrix under golf clubs - any iron will get you to matrix book with the current standard shafts.  So many choices, so little time... 

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