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TT Midwest Deere Run update

Curtis M

Just wanted to start a new thread to get everyones attention.   We have 6 tee times starting at 10:30 on June 14th.   I have emailed the 24 people that have let me know interest in playing.  I have only heard back from about 12.  I know June is a ways away, but please let me know any updates if your not available to play so I can make the changes with the course.  Not much luck on finding any gifts / raffle prizes but I have had a few people that are playing say they will be able to donate something small, I will as well.  Looking forward to a good round!   And as always, any questions or anyone new that would like to join, please email me.

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  1. Jim A

    Curtis, Again thank you for putting this together. I will provide something to donate as well. Looking forward to a great day of fun and great competition. Jim
  2. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    I second Jim's comments... thank YOU for putting this together, Curtis. Sounds like a great day and I hope I'm able to make the trip.



  3. Curtis M

    Excited for the day and to meet some new people.   Hope you can make the trip Mike.    But next year we are for sure going to have to plan somewhere different.   I play Deere quite a bit and love getting out to new, different courses. 

  4. Don O

    Curtis - we really appreciate you taking the bull by the horns on this.  It is sort of a great symbolic start of a mid-west event.  After all, after 3 Steve's, a Zach, and a Jordan, Titleist does own the course.

    We can wait until winter (October??) to start planning for next.  Give us something to do once the ground ices up.  ...Too much time to think about it. <sigh>

  5. David C

    I wanted to let you guys know that there will be 5 of us coming from east central Illinois (farmer city) so we could figure out rides if anyone else is coming thru on the way to the course on Saturday morning...
  6. Curtis M

    Going to email all one last time and try to get a final number set to let the course know.  Please check your emails!!   I don't want to exclude anyone that would like to play.  There were about 10 people who didn't respond to the last.    Mike, any word on making the trip?

  7. Justinu3

    Very cool Curtis!  Unfortunately I'll be on a family vacation in the Northwoods or I'd be there!  Have fun!!

  8. Curtis M


    Very cool Curtis!  Unfortunately I'll be on a family vacation in the Northwoods or I'd be there!  Have fun!!

    I think you mentioned that before so I didn't have you on the list Justin.  But thanks for the heads up.   Have a fun trip!

  9. Tyler H

    Curtis, I never got the email? Was I on the list?


  10. Curtis M

    Sorry, no one has received an email yet.   My computer crashed at work and I am hoping the IT guys can restore my hard drive.  If not, I have lost everyone's email address.   But if it counts for anything, you were on their Tyler!    I will find out today if I lost everything and let you know.    

  11. Carlo Angelo

    This is at Moline, IL, right??? Hope it was just close by or even just 2 hours away. But I'm about 4 hours away!!! But in case I can make it, you'll hear Faron me. Thanks

  12. Curtis M

    Computer was saved!   Check your emails people for one final confirm on playing!!  Will post a roster list within a week or so.  Thanks!!

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