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Blind Man Putting.

Dr. Kovatchian

Hey Y'all,

Has anyone ever experienced issues reading greens after going from regular sunglasses to prescription sunglasses?

I'm having a hard time getting my lines correct...everything is crystal clear but I still can't get my reads down.

After a few rounds I think there is some distortion in my new lenses that is hindering my green reading???

If you have had this experience how long did it take to adjust to your new lenses?

Dr. K

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  1. Curtis M

    It may just be in my head, but I feel I read better, putt better when I wear my regular perscription glasses compared to perscription sunglasses.  I have always worn perscription so can't really say anything going from non-perscription to perscription.  Maybe pick up a couple pairs of cheap different stregnth sunglasses and see what works best? 

  2. Don O

    2 possible answers.  An astigmatism correction or distortion when over the ball and looking out the edge of the lens.  Normal that your vision is best closest to the center of the lens.  You'll need to adjust to the former.  For the latter, contact lenses or swapping to non-prescription as part of taking off your glove.  You should be able to adjust if the problem is reading the green from behind the ball.


  3. Keith M

    The above suggestions are spot on.

    A question that I have is are one of your pairs of sunglasses polarized and the other not?  That can make a huge difference.  While I don't have prescription sunglasses, I went from polarized to non-polarized and back after noticing the change.  The reduction in glare with polarized is enormous. 

  4. Jon M

    I know for me I cant wear sunglasses at all while swinging a club period. I lose all my depth perception when over the ball. As far as reading greens I have to take the sunglasses off to get my best read. If you notice some players on tour will remove their sunglasses before they swing and only use them while walking.
  5. pulplvr

    I'm a bit different.  I wear tri-focals for both everyday use and golf, the latter most often in sunglasses.  I don't find a lot of difference between the two when I play, but I prefer to keep one pair on for the whole round rather than switching back and forth.  The sunglasses are polarized, to keep the glare down, especially from low clouds that I find very glary. I've simply trained myself to use the mid-range of my lenses for addressing the ball and putting.  For the latter, I just keep the ball between the lines of the mid-range section.  Helps me line up the putt.

  6. Tyson F

    I know for me, I wear glasses all the time, and I ONLY play in my prescription sunglasses.   I can't hardly hit a ball with my daily glasses.  I can't even hit it solidly with my daily glasses on in a simulator.  I'll play with my sunglasses on in the rain, very overcast or as the sun sets.  With my regular glasses on, all putt reads look like little to no break at all, but with my presc. sunglasses on, I'm able to read the greens.  Everyone is different, it might just take a bit of time, if those are new glasses.  It took me a couple weeks of range time to just adjust to my new sunglasses over my older sunglasses.  They are the same script, just a totally different style of frame. 

  7. Allen L

    Yes, I sure have problems with my glasses.  I told my glasses guy that I needed a pair specifically for golf.  I had been playing without glasses and couldn't read yardages on the score card or on my GPS watch.  I was also having trouble judging distances which was why I bought the GPS.  So he made me a pair that corrected my eyesight both close and far away, in other words, bi-focals.  The glasses are also polarized.  The problem is that the glasses are great for everything except hitting the ball.  So I'm constantly putting them on and taking them off.  I can read greens, judge distances, and even read the score card with them on but I sure can't get used to them while hitting the ball.

  8. Hotsauce

    I can't play with sunglasses.  I'm sure it's mental, but it screws me up.  My glasses transition in the sun, so I always wear contacts golfing.  If I wear sunglasses, I take them off walking to my ball so my eyes adjust.  I have no idea why, but I just don't like the feel of  sunglasses when golfing.  It's probably the space between my ears

  9. Dr. Kovatchian

    Guys Thanks for all the great ideas!

    I really love me new Sunglasses they are awesome...but I guess I need to allow my eyes to adjust to the new lenses for putting.

    Then Again I Might have lose the sunglasses for putting and see how that goes within a round...

    Hit them Straight Y'all!!!

    Dr. K

  10. Barry O

    I know the feeling!! I suffer from an eye disease that makes my left eye always blurred and I have cataracs in both eyes. Good thing I can still see far away cause when I wear specially made glasses that cost me $600, I see two balls at impact because of the bottom refraction of the lenses. I too have tried taking them on and off to help with my short game but I either forget to put them back on at the cart or I leave them on and throw them to the ground at the next tee. I think that the shape of the lense may have more to do with this problem than the actual strength or focus of my eyes through the glasses? Anyway, I am more comfortable playing without their use than going through all of the nonsense to keep putting them on and taking them off! I know I may not see the lines on putts or contours as well without them but I don't get as frustrated as I do with them!!! Good luck with your solution that works for you.
  11. Carl T

    I have two pair of glasses that I play with. I wear Oakley half jackets for 90% of my golf and have another pair that has transitional lens that I wear on dark cloudy days. Both of these glasses are for distance only as my every day non golf glasses are bifocals. I cannot play with the bifocals because I have to look out of the upper portion of the lens to see my ball clearly at address and this makes my chin press down into my chest which restricts your swing. As you well know you need to keep your chin up and look down with your eyes so that your shoulders are free to swing under your chin but I digress. I too sometimes have trouble reading the break but I use the surrounding terrain to help me determine the break. Some things to remember is that on most golf courses the club house is built on the highest elevation. Most of the greens will slope away from this high point. Most greens will slope toward water e.g., pond, lake, stream, etc. Another general thought is if you poured water out of a bucket on the green, which way would it run off. Use your feet as a tool. When you walk from your ball to the hole where do you feel the most pressure in your feet ? Your heels, toes or is the pressure pretty even. As last resort ask your playing partner what he or she thinks. If everything is crystal clear I think you may be over reading the breaks and speed or under reading. I miss more short putts due to slow speed than fast. If you miss the 3 to 5 foot putt because you missed the break most likely you are not being aggressive enough with your putt and fear if you miss you will the same putt coming back. Lose this fear and you will make a lot more putts than you will miss.

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