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Golf Workouts

owen p

What is your golf workout?

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  1. Carl T

    I do the general workout starting with a 2 mile walk, then I do leg extensions, leg press, calf raises and leg curls. Then I do pull downs, curls, bench press, lateral raise and triceps. The next two exercises I do are especially for golf. I do a stretching exercise called The Foundation which is geared toward strengthening my back. It is routine of several stretches kind of like yoga to some extent but has really helped my lower back which I have had issues for years. It also helps me in being a lot more flexible at 67 years of age. The other exercise I really love is getting in a golf address holding a weighted ball (I use a 6 lb. ball) and making a back swing and then releasing the ball against a brick wall on the forward swing. I do this for 10 reps. When the club is closed on Mondays and on bad weather days I go to the gym and do this 3 times a week. Unfortunately during peak golf season once a week is about it because the other days I'm out on the course.
  2. Steve H

    I start at 4:00am each morning with a 5 mile walk (cup of coffee at the local station makes it worthwhile).  I come home and hit the treadmill for a mile and a half (about 21 minutes) at a 15 incline and 4.9 speed (still walking, but rather quickly).  Next I hit the free weights with golf specific exercises that support a good core.  I then lay on the old stomach and perform three sets of "superman" to make sure the lower back is good and stretched.  I then hit the resistant bands for about 15 minutes, once again concentrating on the golf specs of my swing.  I then hit the stretches that make me swear because the body is getting old and it doesn't bend that much any more.  I finish with another round of 'superman's' and then hit the stairs for about 10 minutes.  All together it's about 2 1/2 hours each morning.  At lunch, I have a very specfic golf workout that includes, hitting wedges, short game, and of course putting (one day a week I hit balls going through the whole bag).  I'm lucky in the fact I can spend a couple of hours each day at lunch to work on the game.  On the weekends, I do the morning workout....and then WALK and CARRY 18 holes each day.  Keeps me young at heart....

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