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Cuistom Bags/Logo?

Tom B

Anyone have photos of their custom Titleist bag they can post and show off?  I'll be ordering one from the pro shop, and have seen from some of you folks what the TT logo looks like and where it is put on the bag, but haven't seen any other custom jobs that may have the club logo on it, or some other kind of custom logo and where it goes on the bag, and would like to see some before making a final decision on a club logo, or getting the TT logo on it.  Thanks in advance

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  1. Tim Tiger

    This is my current gamer.

    This is the one I received from the TT Invitational in Austin.


  2. Curtis M

  3. Chris92009

    Here is my latest Staff Bag...

  4. Tom B

    These are great guys, thank you.  Now I know where I'll be headed ordering a new bag.  Chris your's is great with the TT loga and the flag.  I hope you won't mind if I order close to that for my mid-staff bag.  Thank you all

  5. William R

    I just received a mid size staff bad for Xmas and would love to have my name  and the TT logo embroidered on it. Can I take it back to my golf store  to have it sent back to Titleist  for them to embroider it?

  6. Tom B

    William, I got one too, and asked the same a couple months ago, but they don't do the embroidery on a current bag, already made up.  They do the panels BEFORE they put the bag together.  Like I was told by the folks at Titleist, if you haven't used it at all and it still has the tags, you could return it and order a new custom bag with the embroidering.  Unless you;re like me who got it as a present NOT from my own pro and not sure from where, so I can't return it, or wouldn't take it back to my pro and order another when he didn't get anything out of it in the 1st place.  

  7. Steve H

    Here's how we roll in Utah.....

  8. William R

    That's pretty crappy that you can't send it back to have it embroidered after you bought it. Especially after you received it as a gift 

  9. Andrew M

    That's great looking Chris.
  10. Tim Tiger

    Just got this in at the course today.  MIght wait till summer to break it out.


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