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712 ap2 $375 or 714 ap2 for $875

Bryan L

For those of you who have used both the 712 and 714 AP2's, which of these would you choose.  Both are used sets.  Had my heart set on 714's.

712 AP2- 3-pw with no adjustments needed for $385 Inc.shipping


714 AP2 5-GW that need bent to Std loft and lie. $875 plus cost of bending clubs back to Std. loft and lie and getting a 4i.

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  1. Michael R

    I personally would recommend hitting both at a store or wherever because IMO they don't feel that similar. I personally like the 712's (felt more clean) better than the newer generation but some would say it's like comparing apples to apples. I'm not in anyway telling you to get the 712's. You should ignore the prize tag because as my dad always tells me "buy what you want cause if you always buy what's cheap you're going to have a lot of things you don't want."

    Best of Luck

  2. James G

    Look at the price.... Let your wallet decide that question please!!!

  3. AC RixRox

    Save up and buy what you play best and want. You will play better, feel better and enjoy your game. You will not always be blaming your clubs, wanting something better.
  4. Don O

    Beyond the advice others already posted, you didn't mention if the shafts are identical and if you have tried both, if they are not the same shaft.  Whichever one has the shaft closest to your game will work better.  Presumably the 712's have some wear as well, assuming they are authentic, for that price. 

    BTW, at $875 + $50 for bending, another $140 for a 4I, why wouldn't you get a new set built just for you - it's less than $100 more for a 4I-GW (and I'd stop at 9, maybe PW and go Vokey from there).

  5. Chris P

    I've owned all 4 series of AP2's, the originals, 710,712 and now the 714's.  I kept going back to my originals until I hit the 714's.  If you can get them on a Trackman or outdoors you will see the difference.  The changes made in the 714 series was very noticable, easy through the turf, both fairway and rough.  The trajectory difference in the long irons is a big improvement with the way they have changed the weighting.  Easily the easiest 4 iron I have ever hit.

      In the end, it's up to you and your wallet.

    Good luck and play well,


  6. Bryan L

    The shafts are identical and i hit the 714 AP2's very well.  I am gonna pass on the 5-aw set for now as i would have to add money to it.  Thanks

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