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What's the best shot you've ever hit?

Peter H

I was just curious, but what is the best golf shot you have ever hit?

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  1. Bryan K

    I was at my home course for our member guest tournament, me and my dad were partners and had won our flight out of 7 flights. To determine the overall winner, all 7 flight winners tee off on the first hole, 3 teams go to the second hole, 2 teams go to the 3rd hole where the overall winner is determined. ANYWAYS, we're in a lower flight (both playing to 8 handicaps for 9 holes) so on the first hole we were granted a stroke to the First flight scratch golfers. I BOMB my tee shot over a 280 yard carry bunker (That is absolutely not normal for me, I was so juiced up though). I hit my second shot last to the 13 other guys cause I hit a solid 290 yard drive, my second shot is 220 in to a par 5, everyone else who had went for it missed the green. I could play this safe with a layup, but I pull out my 3 hybrid cause I'm so jacked and ready to go for it. Right-front pin with water guarding the front and the right hahaha, I absolutely flushed this shot and stiff it to 10 feet. 2 putt for a Birdie Net-Eagle. Those 2 shots in that situation and pressure for me made those 2 shots the best shots of my life.

    p.s. we went on to win the tournament! That tournament is such a big deal at our course and to win it with my old man, both of us sharing the glory of playing amazing over the 2 days of the tournament, it's definitely a moment i'll cherish and share for the rest of my life.

  2. Keith M

    Mine is a bit of a funny story, because it's also one of the worst shots I ever hit.  I was 21, playing one of the courses at Ft. Benning.  (My brother-in-law was stationed there.)

    After hitting my second shot into nasty rough, next to a tree, I had about 120 yards, between two trees and had about a 8 foot square landing area on the fringe at the front of the green.  Going short or long on the shot were both dead.  I struck the shot perfectly with a PW, it was high and coming down exactly where I wanted to, thinking I had a good shot still at salvaging par. 

    What I didn't know was in my landing area was the steel plate that covered the sprinkler heads.  Next thing I know, I hear a loud "ding!" when it hit the plate, bounced about 50 feet in the air and straight into the woods on the other side of the green, never to be found again.  My dad laughed for about 10 minutes. 

  3. Don O

    278 yard par 4.  Pulled a stinger drive, (over the hills and) through the woods (and past Grandma's house...) to cut the dog leg right (LH golfer) and end up on the green.  I average 200-215 on the fairway, so this was a monster for me.

    Par 3's under 5 feet won't count until one drops for the ace.

  4. Rick B

    Par 5 in UK mid winter into the wind & rain

    2 iron out of low hanging tress through a one foot wide gap, big cut to 2 feet from the hole, best eagle ever!!!

  5. Tom B

    Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...qualifying for the State Am 20 years ago. I had shot a lousy 41 the front so any chance of qualifying was looking pretty bleak, unless I really poured it on. Came back with an even par 35 on the back to get into a 12 way playoff for 2 spots. 1st playoff hole par 3 180, had hit a 6 iron to 20 feet in the round, but all jacked now, got a 7 iron to the same 20 feet, 2 putt par and moving on. They started to drop off with bogy plus for 3 holes and on hole 4, a short 90 degree dogleg par 4, I hit 1 iron off the tee (yes those existed back then), right down the middle, BUT into a divot about and inch deep. Those that were left all took and look and I could hear the comments, "well he's out of it", but one of my previous competitors who was now caddying for me (said he was going to help me out as I represented the old guys against the kids....didn't have the heart to tell him I was only 34, even with all that gray hair), said just stay down on it and hit through and you've got this shot. Advice taken, hitting a wedge up to the elevated green to 10 feet, putt it in and I was done as the 1st qualifier and off to the State Am.
  6. Curtis M

    Maybe not the greatest shot, but definitely most memorable.   470 or so yard drive.....   Thank you down hill cart paths with curb on one side and hill on the other so the ball stayed on it.   The worst part is I didn't walk away with an eagle..

  7. Mike C

    I think my best shot every was one that was almost a hole in one... but not quite there.  It was on the short 337 yard par 4 second hole on the Dye course at Stonebridge Ranch in McKinney, Texas.  To give you an idea of the layout, it is a short, downhill dogleg left to a green that is bunkered behind and protected by grass mounds all around in front.  It was a pretty windy afternoon and the wind was from behind to the left with the flag on the front third of the green

    Having played this hole before and knowing that nothing good can happen if you go long (or left where it drops off into the trees, or right where it is o.b.), I opted to go with an 18 degree hybrid to make sure I kept the ball on the narrow path towards the green.  I hit what I thought was a good shot, high and with a draw, picked up my tee and figured I would be in the middle of the fairway with a chance to use my trusty Vokey 60 degree wedge to get it close.

    Once I got closer to the green I could not find my ball anywhere.  I knew it was a good shot and should have been right there in front of the green.  looked in the rough to the right and to the left with no avail.  Finally, I looked at the green and noticed a ball sitting on the edge of the cup.  I must have gotten a good bounce on the hard Texas ground and rolled up to the hole. When I got to the hole I could not believe how close it was.  The ball was actually overhanging the lip of the hole with a hybrid on a par four.  Talk about luck!  It was such an unbelievable shot I had to take a picture of the result so I could remember it!

  8. Dadschilz

    Back a couple years ago, playing out in Silverthorne Colorado at the Raven Course at Three Peaks, truly a great mountain course. It was a beautiful afternoon and I was having a great time enjoying the fabulous views. The Ninth hole is a 500 yard Par 4 all down hill with at least 100 foot of elevation drop from tee to green. I hit a great tee shot, got in the cart and actually was following the flight of the shot down hill the whole way. The ball just hung up there in the mountain air and it was one of the coolest shots I have ever experienced. It hung up and I made it at least 300 yards down the hill, which is not bad for a senior with a bad back. I did knock the next one up near the putting surface and got up and down for a four which made it a very memorable par. Unfortunately my daughter and son in law have since moved back east, so I may never get a chance to follow that shot again.
  9. Joel L

    Drove the green on a par 4 with a 3 wood, 350 yards with no wind. It was a scramble and my dad sank the 15 foot putt for Eagle. We placed 4th at 17 under behind 19, 18 and another 17 under. Tough crowd!

  10. Justinu3

    I've had several chip in's for par or birdie.  I've had some great approach shots.

    But the one that stands out was a 30-40 footer downhill at TPC Deere Run during the Cameron Collector event last fall.  It was to save bogey unfortunately but talk about an unreal feeling!  Getting high fives after sinking a breaking downhill putt with your Cameron is just a sweet memory.

  11. Tyson M

    215 yard cut 4 iron in the hole for an eagle

  12. Ron M.

    153 yd  9-iron for eagle 2.....I also had a 100ft putt that had 5 breaks in it for a 50/50 pot. I was the last person to try it and drained it...Won $265. 

  13. nucjg695

    18th hole - need bogey or better to break 80 for the first time.  Hit a nice 3 wood down the left side of the fairway on a par 4.  On my second shot, nerves got the best of me and I chunked it and left myself about 20 yards short of a very elevated green - and the pin is in front.  I pulled my 60 degree and hit a high lob to 5 feet.  Two putts later (I told you I was nervous) I card a +7.  Under the (self-induced) pressure no doubt that wedge was my best shot ever.

  14. Kenneth Sky

    Fun question. I have come up within inches of holing out for a hole in one several times and have also almost holed out a few times on my second shot into par 4's. There's a lot of good shots I guess. But one that comes to my mind that's kind of funny was when I was playing in a tournament and I hit my 2nd shot way left, going for it in two, on a par 5 into a wedding. It was a national level big event that was run very well and there was a tournament rules official that took my situation very seriously and told the people currently in the wedding that they would have to move and move their chairs as well because we have a player that needs to finish his hole. He told them that my shot did not go out of bounds so I would have to play through. I felt kind of bad, but I was in a tournament so I knew I could laugh later about this hole situation. I was nervous, the whole wedding service was waiting for me to hit including spectators and whoever else was there. I had a 40 yard pitch from there, my hands were shaking, but somehow made solid contact and it hit short on the fringe and rolled up to about 3 feet, tap in eagle. So yeah, cool eagle. I made an eagle playing through a wedding. Haha. 

  15. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Great question... There are two shots that definitely stand out for me but the one that edges out the other has to be a bunker shot I hit way back in high school. 

    It was the final match of the season for us and I was playing the final hole of the day. I didn't know it at the time but we were all square with the other team and I needed to win the hole and my match for us to take the team win.

    Well, I hit a good tee shot but put my approach in a greenside bunker. I still had no idea where the overall match stood but I knew I had some work to do. So I went through my routine... I surveyed the green, looked at my lie in the bunker, visualized the shot and stepped in.

    I blasted out of the bunker and I immediately knew I hit a good shot. I didn't leave myself a tap in and the putt was definitely a knee-knocker, but I executed the bunker shot as I pictured and gave myself a shot to win. I sank the putt, our team won the match and we ended up taking home a share of the conference title.

    The best part, my dad was there to see me make the shot.

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