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Golf Grip Help

Devlin G


I was wondering if anyone knows anyone that does  custom grips for irons/woods. I have had problem with grips my whole life. I had cancer when I was young which causes a lot of my joints to remain in a locked position, my fingers and knuckles especially.

I love to golf, but I have difficulty hitting the ball consistent. I know how a grip should be, but I am physically unable to do so. 

I want to put a visual of how I swing, I am a righty. My main knuckles on both hands are very stiff, bending maybe 10 degrees. I can bend the second set of knuckles normally, but it still does not give me a very good grip. The "grips" I use right now are either baseball bat or tennis racket grips, pretty heavy in the left palm of my hand when in "ready-to-swing" position. When I hold a golf club, I hold it like a baseball bat when it extended fully. When it is in the swinging position, the only thing really holding onto the grip is the inside of my right thumb, the inside or my right pointer finger, the inside the lower half of the thumb and middle knuckle area on my pointer finger on my left hand (picture holding a baseball bat with only your index fingers and thumbs, but not bending the lowest knuckle on your index fingers, then using a golf club instead).

I know this is a lot of information and very possible that it's not possible, but I was wondering if anyone (or know someone knows someone that does) do custom grippings. I've gone to local stores (I live in the south-west suburbs of Chicago) and they've stuck cotton and other stuff into very thick grips, but it still doesn't work very well. I feel that when I'm transitioning from back-swing to front swing, the club is always about to slip out of my hands and I'm barely holding onto the club with 4 fingers.

Once again, any help is appreciated. I don't want to give up on golf yet, I'm only 23 and I've been around the game my entire life. I was a Chick Evans Scholar and owe my life to the game of golf.

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  1. Curtis M

    I am not sure if this would be what your looking for, but they do make training grips that have molds to show you what your grip should be like.  Maybe try and regrip your clubs with these?  I imagine the molded areas would help with keeping a better grip of the club.   Or maybe even oversized putter grips for your clubs?     Good luck with everything and hope you will continue to play this great game..

  2. Carl T

    This may sound off the wall but maybe you could get some Velcro at one of the craft stores and glue to your grips and then sew the matching (hooks) onto your golf glove. Use two gloves for both hands.
  3. Devlin G

    Hey Curtis,

    Thanks for the reply and your feedback. I did look into this but unfortunately, it did not help. It helped the fingers, but the palm of my hand still was unable to have any effect on my swing.

  4. Devlin G

    Hey Carl,

    Thanks for the response and feedback. I thought about doing something like this, not the velcro, but possibly wearing something on my gloves altering the maximum amount of area my hand could hold onto a golf club. 

    I first thought about maybe sewing a patch onto a golf glove resembling something elastic and that you can put the entire grip through and come out the other end. Then I discarded that because I go through about 2-3 gloves a round (my hands sweat a lot).

    Luckily I found a great alternative, see post below.


  5. Devlin G


    Luckily, I called up a local Dick's Sporting Goods store and the golf pro there was very helpful. He offered to put a used fat 5.0 (forget the brand name, but the 5.0 is blue and white, the 4.0 is red and white) putter grip on my driver and it's working out fantastically. The grip is soft and cushiony, and there is a little bit of a flat part (which usually goes where your thumbs are supposed to rest) and I put that to the side so my palm can rest on it. 

    I was able to test it right there with on their computerized swing with a before (I usually drove the ball about 130 yards) and after effect. It feels great that I'm finally able to get a full swing without any slip or anything, and I can now hit about a 160-165 yard shot.

    I think I'm going to try these grips on a couple of my other clubs, I'm pretty confident in this approach.

    THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP. I can now go out and further enjoy the game I love and owe my life to.

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