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Great Day of Golf! Sorta…….

Noah B

Well I began play today and I was doing great with My trusty Pro V1X!! Until the wind. When I was on a hole the wind began to pick up. It got worse and worse until I just stopped. I would love to hear your guys' stories of golf and inclement weather.

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  1. Speedy

    There's a course i play 90% of the time that's on a bay and at times it's very windy.  I've seen the flag pole literally at a 45 degree angle.  Those days are not so fun but it's better than sitting at home...    But to answer your question, the one story i have is last summer i was off to a great start, best start ever for me.  After 3 holes i was 1 under.  4th hole Par 5 I hit a beautiful drive and then Mother Nature unloaded...   We stayed on the course thinking it would pass but it rained so hard that the course ended up closing..  You have no idea how upset I was but you know that's the beauty of golf.  You just never know how you'll play, what mother nature will bring you and god knows what else you run into. 

    That's why I think golf is the most challenging and rewarding sport there is..    

  2. Mike C

    I think one of my best stories concerning poor weather was from a trip to Ireland (go figure).  We were playing in a tournament, so the round counted and we had to forge on as the conditions worsened throughout the round.  The day started out partly cloudy, but very windy.  To put it into perspective, when we arrived at the third hole on the old course at Ballybunion, it is a par 3 and the pin was about 220 yards from the tee downhill with a cross wind.  When we arrived at the tee, my caddie handed me the driver.  I looked a little quizzical and asked "why the driver?"  He said "trust me" and gave me the line to hit off the tee.  Well, the line was about 50 degrees to the right of the hole!  I said "you can't be serious?" to which her replied "Yes, and be sure to hit a cut with the driver as well."  So, standing on the tee on a par 3, with a line 50 degrees to the right of the hole and cutting the ball even further, I played the requested shot and... was the only person on the green.  Talk about strong wind!

    As we moved through the round the conditions worsened and worsened until we had 50+ MPH sustained winds and constant driving rain (and yes, it was raining sideways) and the temperature was hovering around 50 or so.  The other team we were playing with were local to the area (they were playing out of Lahinch) and even they were commenting about the weather and could not believe play was not suspended.  It was often difficult to be able to see the ball clearly at address to even make good contact with all of the rain coming down.  As we were making our way around the course, on number 16 which is a dogleg left, the uphill to the green, it got even better. As one of our playing partners was teeing off, his driver slipped out of his hand and went careening through the air.  In fact, he got about 120 yards or so out of his driver and I think it actually beat the distance he got out of his ball!

    In spite of the weather conditions, we finished the round and posted a score.  Being a stableford format, I have to admit that it was the lowest point total I have ever posted for a round but we certainly had an interesting round.  Our tournament standing was less than stellar, but at least we didn't finish last.  Any time now I think about poor weather conditions, I just remember that round and think whatever weather I am facing is really not all that bad.

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