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Bubba Certified Titleist Fitting Professional Team Titleist Staff

Hi Everyone, 

We at Team Titleist were talking recently and realized we want to learn a little more about our Team Titleist members.  If you would like to be among the individuals that we feature as a spotlight member, please respond to this thread and let us know what your favorite golf course is and why.

We will be conducting these spotlights periodically throughout the year.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Noah B

    My favorite golf course is Boone Golf Club. I love this course because the tee times are very thought through and they have extraordinary teachers and a pro shop.

  2. John L

    this is a great thing, you guys did this on me a few years back i look forward to seeing the next Spot light members

    Cheers greens and fairways to all


  3. Stephen M

    Hi Bubba, My favorite course is Makena on the island of Maui. It is my favorite, because it is very beautiful and when I'm there, it means I'm on vacation! Thanks, Steve
  4. Brad m

    My favourite golf course has to be Whirlpool run by the Niagara Parks Commission in Niagara Falls. The course is challenging but fair, always in excellent condition, and it has amazing scenery. The ball carries well in the thin air by the Niagara Escarpment. If you tee off before 8am, you can be finished in 4hr, but if you tee off after 10am, a 5 hour round is not uncommon.   

  5. JR Lara

    Hi Team Titleist,

    I just started playing golf in March of this year and I really enjoy the game. The first course I played was at the Newport Dunes at Palmilla Beach in Port Aransas, Texas.  So far I've played at three different courses and I have to choose Newport Dunes as my favorite just because of the scenery.  

    Bubba and Team Titleist,  

    Thank You for the package I received in the mail on Saturday, it will look great on my new Titleist Staff Bag.

    Johnny Lara

  6. Vince T

    Dear Bubba, I am not really the self-aggrandising type but I am a loyal Titleist customer. My favourite course is a Robert Trent Jones Sr. design in Germany -- his only course design in Germany, actually. It is the Golf Club Bodensee Weissensberg -- where I am a share-owning member. The course, located in southern Bavaria, very close to the Austrian and Swiss borders, is just a few kms from the Lake of Constance (aka Bodensee) and at the foot of the Vorarlberg mountains. This course is a pure gem, carved out of an environmentally protected area, surrounded by some gentle farm and forested land. It is apparently nicknamed the "green hell of the south," and certainly requires one's full attention, with a slope rating of 143 and a length of 6079 m from the tips (which I have never seen anyone play from). It plays to 141 and 5848 m from the regular tee. Virtually every hole is tree lined on one, if not both sides, with gentle shifts in elevation and natural water hazards lurking, particularly on the front 9. Like most RTJ Sr. designs, the greens are relatively small, elevated, and well defended by a variety of hazards. I love the challenge of this course and the need to constantly think one's way through each hole. (In general, I appreciate that about his designs, and regularly play some of his other designs, namely Quinta da Marinha in Lisbon.) Never unfair, the course demands good shot-making and will expose a lack of fundamental skills, but is thoroughly accessible and fun for the entire range of skilled players. I enjoy playing beautiful and well-designed layouts that challenge and can think of some gems I have played in the last couple of years, ranging from another RTJ Sr. design, Troia, near Setubal, Portugal, to Pleneuf-Val-Andre near Dinard, France to Royal Cape near Cape Town, S. Africa, but I always look forward to returning to being tested and exhilarated by Bodensee Weissensberg.

    Regards, Vince

  7. Deno

    Wild Turkey Crystal Springs Resort Vernon NJ
  8. Speedy

    My favorite golf course to play is Portsmouth Country Club in Greenland NH.  From the clubhouse, to the staff members, to the ground crews it's an amazing course.  Probably the best semi-private club in NH.  I truly love this course, why?

    1. It's a course where every club in your bag is needed..  It's not a course where only a driver then 6,7, or 8 iron...  It's driver and god knows what the next shot will be. 
    2. Wind is unknown every time you play there and when it's windy, good lord the course is 10 times tougher.   
    3. It's a course i never get tired of playing.  I could play there the rest of my life and be the happiest man
    4. Staff members are great
    5. Clubhouse food is great
    6. Fairways are immaculate
    7. The greens are the best.  Fast, firm and you get a true roll.  
    8. Scenery is amazing
    9. Lastly, you always play with someone that is so nice and friendly. 

    I've been trying for years to be a member there and they do things differently.  They have a lottery system where a member gets picked and then they get to nominate a golfer to be on the waiting list.  I think that's a great idea, why? B/c you're bringing in the members, someone you know that will enjoy the course for what it is.  The waiting list is usually 3 to 5 years.  But i'll tell you it's well worth the cost to be a member there.   

    Hopefully there's a Team Titleist member on here that can help me out :). 

    Portsmouth Country Club is my favorite course.

  9. Mike C

    I have been fortunate to play a lot of wonderful courses throughout the world.  Whether is it the beautiful scenery, the tournaments hosted there or the history and pedigree of the course, many of these could easily qualify as one of my "favorite" courses.  However, when I think about my overall favorite course, it always comes back to the Plantation Course at Kapalua on Maui.  We go out to Hawaii on vacation each year and I try to get in as many rounds as my wife will allow when we are out there.  The scale of this golf course is simply amazing and it can certainly provide a test to your golf skills.  Oh, and the fact that you can turn around and see the ocean from almost every hole is not a bad little bonus either.


    The Plantation Course was the first course to be built by the Coore & Crenshaw team and they certainly did things right.  To be able to integrate the course up and down the mountainside is simply amazing.  This is a course that certainly takes length of the tee, but is also one that you can't overpower with length alone.  You have to have the power to get around the course (which is 7,411 from the tips with a slope of 144 and course rating of 77.2) but you also have to be able to make different types of approach shots and really take into account the slope and elevation changes... both up and down.  One of the other considerations that makes the course more challenging is the weather.  In West Maui, the wind usually gets whipping around pretty strong, especially when the trade winds are blowing.  This is always a factor and, when putting you often times have to take not only the grain and slope, but also the wind into account.  Talk about an opportunity for a three putt!


    Even though there are challenges with the length, elevation and wind, the course also rewards good shots and is very fair.  I am always on vacation when I am playing the Plantation Course, so I'm sure that adds something to my consideration as my favorite overall golf course as I am always relaxed when playing.  As you work your way around the course, I think the best part is closing out the round and coming back down the mountain on 17 and 18.  These are long (a 508 par 4 and a 663 par 5) closing holes where you can just let your drive rip off the tee.  These closing holes are so dramatically down hill that you can literally drive the ball 350 - 400 yards off the tee (well, I think gravity and the wind are doing a lot of the work for you).  looking down, you feel like you are on top of the world.  These closing holes certainly make you want to check and see what tee times are available for the next day... if you don't already have one... and how you can rationalize another day at the golf course on your vacation to your wife.

    Below is a shot of the 18th from the tee box when I played it a couple of trips ago.  To put it in perspective, the green is about 80 yards to the left of the bunker you see in the picture below.  It is pictures like this that stir the memories and make me ready to go back and play the Plantation Course.  I am planning on being out there in about a month or so and, after writing this, I am ready to hop on the plane today!

  10. Andrew A

    My favorite course is Montauk Downs.  Every year, we take our family summer vacation at Montuak, NY and the best day is when my two sons and I head our to the course.  It's a beautiful location at the very end of Long Island and pricing is very fair for the always outstanding conditions.  Can't wait until we get to tee it up there in a couple months!

  11. Barry B

    It's always difficult to narrow your choice to just one course.  Here in St Louis there are three courses that I never get tired of playing: Tapawingo National, Pevely Farms and The Missouri Bluffs.  Tapawingo has three distinct nines that routes you through prairie land, along the Meramec river and through mature growth woodlands.  Pevely Farms is laid out on property that used to be a dairy farm.  It's very hill and provides great views of the Meramec river valley.  The elevation changes and course routing make club selection and shot execution very demanding.  The Missouri Bluffs laid out on the bluffs of the Missouri river through a mature growth wooded are with lots of changes in elevation.  Like Pevely Farms, club selection and shot execution are very demanding.  All three courses are always in excellent condition with very courteous staffs and great practice facilities.


    Barry B.

  12. tdogg21

    My favorite course has to be the Maples course at Sea Trail.  It's not the most difficult or the most scenic course I've played, but I always seem more relaxed when I'm on that course.  It has a lot of the coastal Carolina characteristics I enjoy.  It also brings back a lot of memories playing it with my Dad.  My family has a place on the 9th green, so it was the course we would play when sneaking in a late afternoon 9 before dinner and the course I eat my breakfast watching players try to read a tricky green.  (you would think I would putt better on it!)  It's the kind of course no one will walk away from thinking it's the best course they've ever played.  But also, no one will walk away thinking it was a waste of a course. 

  13. Eric S

    Too difficult to choose just one... here are my top three choices all very different types of courses:

    1 Bayberry Isles - Not really a course but rather the name my 5 year old has given to green complex and hitting range in my back yard; the time spent practicing and playing with my two boys is the most fun I have golfing.

    2.  Pinehills, Plymouth MA - two exceptional 18 hole courses to choose from, exceptionally well maintained course, and a great place to test my game.

    3. Dennis Highlands/Pines, Dennis MA - Semi-private with ubeatable price for membership.  Very well maintained.  Perfect difficultly for my skill level.  Fun to get paired up with people visiting Cape Cod for vacation.


  14. Ric Y

    My favorite course is the Links on Memorial in Bixby OK.  It's a 9 hole course located in my apartment complex.  I literally take my clubs downstairs and walk onto the course.  The convenience can't be beat......

  15. Jerry Wood

    Bubba and Mike

     am a convert to Titleist and over the past years have been converting my clubs and shirts . already have converted balls, shoes, rain gear, gloves, sweaters, and hats.

    My favorite course is Ould Newbury in Newbury MA. It is a non profit course over 100 years old. Yes over 100 as a non profit . The course is open to the public Monday thru Friday and only to members on Saturday, Sundays and Holidays.

    The pro, Jim Hilton is a Titleist Staff Member.

    The course has women leagues Monday nights and Tuesday morning. The guys  have Tuesday and Thursday nights as well as a great Saturday and Sunday morning program.  Just show up by 6:45 AM ,put your name and Hdcp on a sheet. The pro determines how many foursome and the lowest Hdcp are the captains. They then rotate picks, basically ending up with a A, B, C, D player on each team and always ending up with different partners weekly. We then go off as a shotgun start resulting in being done before noon and having the balance of day for the family.

    Jerry Wood

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