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Scotty Cameron Headcovers

Chris A

Has anyone had luck purchasing limited edition Scotty Cameron putter head covers?  I went on today to get the cinch de mayo head cover and they were sold out in 7 minutes (i learned about the time because I called HQ).  I would love to get one but how can you get one when people buy them all up and sell them on eBay for over $100+ per cover.



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  1. Thomas C

    Chris - I'm not sure either how people are buying them so quickly. I received the e-mail and 4 minutes later logged in and they were sold out!  I'm sure you're as frustrated as I am.  Do you know how many Cameron makes of each? If it's a large quantity then they must realize people are "gaming" the system for profit and the rest of us "normal" enthusiasts are getting the short end.

  2. Brian D

    You have to be super quick to get in on his releases.  Most people will stay logged into the site on release day, so they can just load their cart.  There are way too many resellers out there taking most of the fun out of purchasing these.  They ask for premium mark ups, but you know what keeps them posting, people are paying.

    Sorry to hear you didn't get one, better luck next time.



  3. Curtis M

    I honestly quit trying.   Really has not been much that I have even liked lately anyway except for the Master's release but either way I can't sit at my computer all day hitting refresh for the minute they release.  

  4. tdogg21 can be annoying, but you have to be quick.  Especially for any limited edition extras that might come along.  It's a shame the resale market dominates the purchases, but I guess that's the effects of a free-market.

  5. Sean S

    It's a horrible shame that the resale market dominates the special releases like it does. It's also a shame that there aren't more releases for the Futura X.

  6. Chris A

    I want to say he comes out with 500+ with each release; I know the company wants their money/profit but at least give the little guy a chance to purchase them and use the head cover.  

  7. Hotsauce

    I was fortunate enough to get the Cinco, but I missed out on the Masters.  Either way you've got to get on quick if you want to pay retail.

  8. tdogg21


    It's a horrible shame that the resale market dominates the special releases like it does. It's also a shame that there aren't more releases for the Futura X.

    I'm surprised about this as well.  It seemed like he was really pushing the Futura and even the GoLo, you'd think he would release at least a limited number of covers for them.

  9. Todd T

    You gotta be fast, pay attention to a The Camerpn Collector website and you'll get a hint to the release..

  10. Ryan D.

    Like most said, you need to (roughly) know what day the release is. I had the website up and refreshed a lot just so I could catch the release. If you enjoy the Cameron products, go to and join there. Nothing but great people and after being part of the community you are allowed to buy from other users. Many of limited covers have passed through there! I just picked up a Tiffany blue black stitched "Cameron & Co." head cover signed by Scotty himself!

    Good luck!!

  11. Chris92009

    I have been collecting SC Headcovers for years like many of you.  As a member of the club on the SC website and the M&G (Japan) it seems that collecting has become more and more challenging as many new people smell a quick buck and are sweeping in to pick up profits.  Fortunately, over the last few years the premiums are slowly drying up and these flippers are not making as much as they used to.  However, there will be always be flippers and thus a high demand for these headcovers.  One thing I would point out is that some of the covers are very limited (like 100 in total being released) and others are more general (like 2014 released; he ususally does the quantity relating to a year).  That being said, do not get frustrated because you missed one release or another.  The best one is usually the U.S. Open IMHO...!

    Good Luck!

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