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buff marks out of 712 AP1's

Pat H

What is the best way to buff out the marks and scratches that develop on AP1 712 irons over time?

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  1. Keith M

    Great question.  I'm curious to get an answer too.

    One thing my dad always did for his clubs, (but I haven't tried), was use good quality carnauba wax to shine up his clubs. 

  2. John M

    Yeah, awesome question. I have 712 CBs and want to do the same.

  3. JB

    This is a great question.

    I have 712 AP1 as well and there are lots of marks and  scratches!

    I love to know how to minimize them as well!

  4. Mark F


    I have the 2008 AP1s and have had my share of scratches and gouges in the soles.  The local golf shop that I use all of the time has a repair person right in the store.  He does grips,shafts etc, but he has a sander/buffer that takes most of the marks out.  Since the clubs are chromed he can't take all of the scratches out for fear of taking the finish off and causing the club to rust.  I would suggest looking in the phone book for golf shops in your area and call a few to see if they have a repair service that can handle the scratches.  Hope this helps.  Fairways and greens.

      Mark F

  5. Pat H

    Thanks Mark F. I will see if I can find a golf shop that has some type of buffer. Thanks again.

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