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Alignment Paint Lines on Putting Greens -- Help Please!

Michael Z

Hi, all. For the past few months, I have been to many different golf courses and seen paint lines drawn by other golfers to help them with putting. Where can I buy this paint, and could somebody let me know exactly how you are supposed to paint it? I've been looking all over the internet but haven't found anything. Thanks!

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  1. Peter H


    Are you sure it is not a chalk line because that is what I use and I know many others use it as well. I have never heard of a paint line though. 

    Peter Hansen

  2. Seth R

    I'm not sure what paint is being used, but my suggestion would be to grab a chalk line and use that. It would probably be better for the green and for the people who practice after you.

  3. Michael Z

    Sorry, that's what I meant! I don't know what I was thinking when I said paint line! Thanks!

  4. Chris S

    Like others said it's a chalk line unless the course itself is actually "painting" the lines.

    Chris S

  5. Fred C

    Yep, use can use a chalk "snap line" just like construction people will use to mark lines on boards and concrete. It's easy to do and you can buy one at any hardware store. Simply pull out the length of line you wish to make, hold down the line by pinning it with a tee, stretch the line taught, pull the line up and let it and snap back to the ground. A straight, solid line will be the result.

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