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Congrats Bubba (not who you might think)


Bubba's got game!  For those of you who follow the MGA (Massachusetts Golf Association) you should have recognized a name on there recently.  Our newest TT Ambassador (sorry if I butchered your title) is the Massachusetts 4 ball champion.  Bubba and his partner posted a 64 with a ridiculous back 9.  Congratulations on your win!

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  1. Bubba

    Thanks Josh!

    It was a fun two days.  We thought it might be a special final round when we both birdied the opening hole.  I had the fortune of teeing off second all day after Alex proceeded to hit EVERY fairway with his 913F and 913D3. The back nine was a special 2 and a half hours.

    Sincerely appreciate the post and the note. 

    Take care and talk soon.


  2. Tim Tiger

    Great job.  Those kind of rounds really make all of the practice worth while.  It;s an awesome feeling when you have a partner that you are confident with.  


  3. Hotsauce

    I love the back 9- trading brdies.  Legendary round. 

    I've got my club's 4 ball this weekend. I hope we have similar results. 

  4. Curtis M

    Very nice!   Good job Bubba!    Nice bogey free scorecard too..    Great when partners show up and on their game like that.  

  5. Speedy

    Congrats Bubba!!!  Looking at the card, you played Turner Hill?  I've played there a few times, it's a very nice course and definitely not an easy one.  Well done!!!!

  6. Bubba

    Josh G

    I love the back 9- trading brdies.  Legendary round. 

    I've got my club's 4 ball this weekend. I hope we have similar results. 

    Best of luck, Josh. Play well and please let us know how it goes.


  7. Scott S

    WOW!!! Congrats man!!! That is VERY impressive!!

  8. memphisunited

    Congrats Bubba!  Great round.  

  9. Brandon C

    Congrats Bubba! Sounds like it was an impressive round

  10. vurich

    way to go, Bubba!


    I thought you guys still had snow on the ground!


    keep up the great game and great work at TT!


  11. RCCPA

    Great job, Bubba. Representing Titleist the right way - with a WIN!!!

  12. Brian D

    What an accomplishment!  Great job at winning the MA 4Ball.  I can tell you that the MA 4Ball is not easy at all.  Just to get in you must have a team combine handicap of 5 or less.  I guess that has something to say with the level of competition you all faced.

    Great Job and I bet you are already in the planning stage to defend you title next year.

    Best of luck and Congrats to Team Titleist for taking this one home.


  13. Dan H

    Great playing Bubba!! Very impressive!!

  14. Matthew P

    great playing bubba... way to represent the TT Family!!!!

  15. William B

    Very happy for both guys

    Alex and Bubba helped me at the Manchester Lane Facility (Acushnet) in August 2012 during my fitting session.

    Great guys

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